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  1. can someone in admin tell us wtf is going on with the servers??? 60fps 33 server latency 60 latency 0 packet loss. but im lagging like i have 30 packet loss. everyone crashes, all the time crashing servers. and no replies for even a word from admins. can we know whats going on? and don't tell us, thats the personal problem, cause it's NOT. and i still hate u for 77 dmg for HVR its not the canon in CQC. everyone picks scout obeya and oscar for that. scout now have a QS. 2 shots from 45. pistol then momental shot from scout. cause its fastest now. why not nerf scout in jump? its cancer. sorry my patootie is on fire cause HVR have to be powerful. its heavy. now scout is better in everything... i hate scouts. and love hvr. not only me. sorry for my bad english. im russian...
  2. Is this game trolling me?... I tried again. Endless loading. I started to record from beginning. And it loaded. Welp. I think i should start my game with OBS next time. Sorry for inconvenience.
  3. Man please... Don't make an idiot of me... I play this game 7 years. I know how to enter the districts. Im trying to connect district (not full) and the game starts to connect. Earlier it would have taken a minute or a half. Now its endless loading.
  4. i can upload video of loading circle.. 10 minutes lenght?) 15?) no. it wasn't full when i pressed "join district"
  5. is everything ok now? game is loading too long.. Citadel.
  6. what the...??? u bought this in armas? or for jt?
  7. FeliciaHardy

    Showstopper look

    For how long this weapon will be HIGHEST QUALITY GUN in game? Sorry for my sarcasm. But i really wonder, why is it has so damn bad look and when it will be at least as Showstopper Thunder (it has better look in standart skin) Here are the Standart skin and Chrome skin. I've set max graphic quality for these two screenshots.
  8. Migration is over! Great! It's nice to see that all is better than i thought Still want to know about Cyrrilic nicknames
  9. After migration this is a problem for players with Cyrrilic nicknames. We can't send e-mails on these chars. Can this be fixed? Or we have to change nicknames to English? And can someone say, that migration is over? That what we have now will remain with us? Because i love what i have now Thank you for your hard work LO. I really glad that we have something from past
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