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  1. Нужно создать уличного охотника, который сможет изгонять только игроков из ран. И дать блокировку при повторном входе например на 10 минут. Я думаю, что это побьет желание побить новичков Такие игроки ... Они должны бороться за справедливость, и если уличный охотник высокого ранга, то он должен отдать себя новичкам, чтобы сохранить равновесие.
  2. On weekdays, we are about 30-50 people in total. On weekends, we can be around 70-80.
  3. Well. We were wrong. Matt Scott turned out to be a good person. I apologize. THANKS YOU !!! :))
  4. Да. Точно. Я грала там и там. Когда то. Но мы только 2. Остальные придерживаются того, что Метт домашний Скотт не вор. И он нам якобы не чего не должен. Мы уже на цитадели. Я нас не поздравляю. Налью кофе. А потом покажу метту и всему тому скотту что там есть... что мы и без доната обойдёмся. Им же хуже! "плюнула в их сторону"
  5. У меня все само переводится. Не важно, сколько языков и слов на странице. Переведено будет все. И да. Ты расист. Кстати. Эта тема касается только Россиян. Не стоит сюда совать свой нос если не готов читать наш язык. Буть с нами вежлевее. У нас все забрали. Нас силой тащят в цитадель. И мы придём... Но вы пожалеете об этом!!!
  6. Это все бесполезно. Я уже сдалась. Нас вроде как уже переводят... Не думаю что это что-то изменит. It is all useless. I have already given up. They seem to be transferring us ... I don’t think that this will change anything. Почему?...
  7. G1 had all the data. If LO bought a project or company from G1, then all data must be in your possession by law! So. What we have? Innova says you have data and gives that data to players. G1 says that all data has been left to you. And only LO says that he has nothing and no one gives this data. That seems ridiculous. As if a 3 year old baby is trying to trick mom and dad ... Merged. I want to say that there are strong gold players. They play silver. And silver runs from gold to bronze
  8. 1. I have already said that I can give Matt Scott my Gmail inbox. There is both an appeal to the support service and an answer with this file, which met Scott can download himself and make sure the file is authentic. 2. Saying that I did not pay G1 but paid only Innova is stupid. Innova had a contract with G1 which most likely took into account% of purchases at ARMAS. If not, Innova immediately paid a large sum and somehow Innova most likely bought a content update. This all leads to the fact that I pay Innova. And Innova pays G1. G1 is a factory and Innova is a store. The store buys from the factory. If there are no buyers, the store and factory die. Do you understand ??? Think before you say something.
  9. Brazilians are not related to Matt Scott. The Brazilians had a different situation. Brazilians and Russians are heaven and earth.
  10. Слушать. Ты говоришь так, будто мы живем в разрушенных домах и воюем друг с другом, но это не так. Люди из других стран приезжают в нашу страну, чтобы заработать деньги. Если бы все было так плохо, как вы говорите, они не приехали бы из других стран в поисках работы. А что касается переезда. У меня еще одна игра от Иннова. мой персонаж уже 3 раза переезжал. и каждый раз мне что то давали. или вернул деньги. Вознаграждение у нас на Иннова всегда было выше проигравших игроков! и политика страны тут ни при чем ! Merged. Them and to obtain from the company Innova easy! I asked! I was given! and who doesn't ask he gets! I hope you understand who I'm talking about... If it comes to that... if you want to say that I tampered with the document ? or not? I can mail her to give Matt Scott that he personally downloaded the file from the email from Innova and make sure it's genuine! and don't you dare even hint that I'm doing something or I can...
  11. Our localizers once did not take money from us. They left us all our things. And that they paid us !!!
  12. https://drive.google.com/file/d/1-BTKJvr_V4ACgHyD9vTt0zSBdKrfqGj4/view?usp=drivesdk I'm not strong on the forums. Hope it all worked out. 6,705 lines. I apologize for my words about. 7,000 ... mixed up. I checked through googl Chrome. Everything is working.
  13. I'm glad you answered. I would like to receive a comment about the fact that Innova claims that you have all the necessary data. I sent a request and got an answer. File. I sent it to your support team. All purchases are indicated there, both in APB Reloaded and in other projects that Innova has. Some of you are definitely lying. And the file that I now have proof of this. As for the guys who write that you do not owe us anything, and we did not treat you like that. Innova had a contract with a development company. They either immediately bought a license for a huge amount, so as not to pay% of sales, or for the (not the same) amount that they bought for the rights of the localizer and paid%. In any case, we participated in the life of the project, someone more, someone less, someone who did not invest a cent in the project. For guys who have spent more than $ 100, it seems extremely unfair your decision regarding compensation And one more moment. You will take from us everything purchased in ARMAS from a pioneer. And what will happen to those who bought a car for APB $ and installed a body kit? Today I made such a car to my friend. We flowed for almost 3 hours and what will happen to his car? It was bought for APB $ but the body kit from ARMAS was installed on it from a pioneer.
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