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  1. 80% basic needs (feel like kings, good food, hookers, smoke -the good one- etc.). 20% actual work. That explains spagetti code...
  2. You are not new... think of it. Heck.. every new content from idiots will end the same way. Do you know how i feel about apb? Like if you are forced to look very loved family member corpse being practiced an autopsy and the guy doing the work has a cronic parkinson.
  3. 1. zig zag while moving the camera to desync as much as possible while trying to find cover. Oooor throw a long distance lowyeld/conc and fire back... all depends the situation. 2. Try to get cover, get in a car or do as much damage before die as possible. 3. Depends on the mood... or let them win or try to kill them as much as possible. 4. Best is coordinate attack with your team. Firelaunch, opgl, low yields spam, entrance with car and use remote... camping that way is actually bad. 5. Get ammo in the quickest available form. If time is short, or suicide or get a car or ask a team for ammo/tk. 6. Depends on how bad ur teams are... sometimes they are silvers and thats it, you lost. They wont even listen instructions. If they are gold + you can actually try to get the guys in a nice and fun persuit with your team firing from the cars window. Easy questions.
  4. Emp granades are not only a shoity idea that will break the game... they actually look like shit lol. Keep going guys, the pit is really near
  5. I love car persuits, make apb uniqe. Problem is usually the time, it should be around 10'.
  6. I ended hearing healing frequencies for cats.
  7. I use my feets. When you think things are bad... theres allways someone having it worst
  8. If you need a deep manly voice im here. Problem would be english acent and pronunciation ;^)
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