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  1. Colby M-1922 'Big Chopper' has the variable recoil I want removed. Joker SR15 is a close/mid range gun but the Marksman FoV is too tight at 40 degrees. Would like to see it increased to 45 or 50. ACES SMG/Rifle is weird, low kills/mag, tends to clip dump too fast, very difficult for me to play. I'd like them to have -1 STK and +0.05 fire interval to keep the TTK nearly the same but have more spray time. DMR needs -40% vertical recoil. I literally run out of mouse mat dragging down every time i try to use it. EOL launchers would be more fun with the windup timer removed 8ball/halfbrick capacity should be increased from 3 to 7 like the snowballs. This would offset their low effectiveness and the disadvantage of carrying no real nades. bullshark's progessive burst pattern should be reworked/reverted to old 4 shot burst. Its a slow, inconsistent, and ineffective item. I was playing with the idea if I'd like a variable 1-8 burst with depending on how long I clicked, while the burst interval was still the same. fr0g should be a sidegrade to the FBW. the -66% range and -33% ammo capacity is not a fair trade off for +10% damage. I don't have a suggestion but it really should be looked over. issr-a would be more attractive with a lower run/sprint/jump penalty more in line the the issr-b. mountie could do with a faster reload HVR hipfire penalty and scope in damage penalty is too harsh and as half-baked as the variable recoil of the m1922 and variable burst of the bullshark. I want it gone. Norseman / Bizon has some properties such as variable bloom/recoil/ammo that make them inconsistent and/or unpredictable which are things to be avoided, in my opinion. Just remove the variability and come up with another quirk such as a unique crosshair, recoil pattern or whatever. S-247 Oblivion has way too long of sprint delay after firing (0.73s), which is longer than the fire interval. If it were lower it could seriously increase mobility. More than the walking movement accuracy bonus, which is either a bug, or bad design. S1-FA 'Frenzy' / Manic / Rabid has more of the variable recoil stuff that make them inconsistent and/or unpredictable (same as Bizon). I feel like they would be fine with a recoil rework like the SWARM lmg/misery AR SBSR has an unusable recoil pattern in my opinion. VAS-C2 should do something better than the OCA. I havent had much experience with it but my impression is that it is just an OCA that has -1 STK and slighty increased tapfire accuracy in exchange for having to exclusively use marksman mode like the M1922. I'm reserving judgement on any shotguns. They have dismal balance and are supposed to be reworked soon enough. just a footnote: I have no confidence anything ever gets better for this game, in terms of fun-factor or gameplay balance. The reason? Corporate bureaucracy. There are no game developers or anybody with real vision working on APB. Just middle-managers and IT yes-men. And now that Micro$oft and $ony have set up bandwagon they are unlikely to do anything that would affect their revenue stream. Which is kind of ironic, because the whole ecosystem is set up to squelch creativity and innovation- things APB encourages players to explore with it's deep customization. But make no mistake about it: APB 3.5 is all about encrypting digital assets, licensing removing any freedom / rights of players pertaining to the 'game', and finding new ways to exploit the playerbase, which is the only real product. But no-one ever reads the ToS.
  2. is it possible to scare the average sweaty apb player of the shower even more? LO: got u, fam
  3. they could easily add this to the joker store like they did for the balkan varzuga rally 4x4. but not being able to customize it is a shame.
  4. not bad rewards.. if i could be bothered to reinstall my itinerary for the event would be to 1) afk 25 horseman rounds (fishnet shirt) 2) kill 50 red pumpkins (new decals) 3) check dailys from trick/treat contact for 'demoness' skin
  5. I wouldn't mind reflex3 on the RFP-9 'fang' to give the 'showstopper' shotgun revolver some competition, to be honest. all of the secondaries in APB were designed to have some sort of hipfire capability, and the RFP-9 had a few rounds of nerfs that went overboard in removing its hipfire ability. part of the reason the RFP9 is used so much is the balance is so dismal with the other guns. I'm not so sure little orbit understands balance. For example, the last time G1 touched the ACT44 was to change the marksman modifier from .68-.63 (+5%). Giving the ACT44 +12% accuracy is way too heavy-handed. Giving the RSA more accuracy also further pushes the 3-4 shot-to-kill snipers (DMR,ISSA-b,NCR,Oblivion) into a weird position. I wonder if other guns are even considered when balancing? But alas, I'm sure the design team is beyond reason. The IR3 nerfs from before led me to believe that APB would regress into alpha status. if LO wants to wow me try to release a balance patch such as this: SNR pistol- Marksman Modifier 0.90->0.80 FR0G pistol- Dropoff Range 10 m->20m Joker RFP-9- Dropoff Range 40m->30m SAS-PDW- Accuracy Radius at 10m 35.5 cm->33cm N-FA 9- Accuracy Radius at 10m 40 cm->36cm R-2 'Harbinger' Marksman Modifier 0.20->0.40 R-2 'Harbinger' Recovery Delay 0.450->0.150 This would give players a reason to use something other than FBW/C45/RFP9. All I'm getting at is the problem with the RFP-9 is systemic and also has to do with the fact that many of the other items available are underperforming and/or lackluster. Also @mattscott I didn't mean to hurt your feelings because I used a quote to make a meme. Ples forgif. And if you really love APB:Reloaded, release it under the GPLv3.
  6. here's the short list i made last Tuesday for consideration: AMG-556 'Stheno' JT2 STAC 10 JT3 Joker TAS20 JT1 S1-NA 'Manic' JT3 N-ISSR-B 'Wisp' JT2 OCA-EW 626 'Whisper' Shredder SB JT1 FR0G 'Rocket' JT1 ACT 44 GM JT1 Colby .45 AP Obeya FBW-SD Showstopper JT my criterion was availability and effectiveness.
  7. haha get rekt noob. no re-rolls for you. enjoy ur ban kiddo.
  8. nice changes in general but I'm not too fond of this naming scheme. I like the slotted weapon nomenclature from the regular contacts more, (Nol, Adeen, Dvah.. R&D I/II/III.. JG 840/940/1040) also the silencer type preset mods shouldn't affect Joker Ticket prices because GMs have said before that they are just placeholder mods, i.e. a player can't buy a silencer mod (and even if they could slot it into a weapon it wouldn't do anything.) I'm not nitpicking just offering up my opinion.
  9. glancing over the proposed shotgun changes, I can't help but see it as another missed opportunity. historically (and in chronological order) APB has had 3 different shotgun damage models A) center pellet high damage / cone of pellets low damage B) all pellets same damage C) first pellet to hit high damage / cone of pellets low damage. All of these models have already been codified and implemented into the game. WHY NOT have all of them active at once and give individual weapons more personality?? They all have downsides and upsides and can be used to further dial in the range and role of the specific shotgun. Model A rewards good aim but also rewards good evasion, as glancing hits don't get frags, Model B makes consistent closer range damage output and Model C makes consistent longer range damage output. Combine that with the damage dropoff (either linear or curved) and we can have something like this: JG - medium cone of fire + all pellets do same damage w/ range 20m CSG - small cone of fire + first pellet to hit does most damage w/ range 30m NFAS - large cone of fire + center pellet does most damage w/ range 10m Copying the JG stats off the showstopper's stats just seems like copping out. IMO. SMH.
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