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  1. I'd love to see this happen. I too bought a Harbinger just cos it looked cool & all not knowing the crap marksman speed which makes it pretty much useless when out of cover. Either a refund or a buff to the marksman speed will fix the issue for me. Maybe have a system that allows you to switch the gun with another one of the same value or allow you to use your JT to add on to that price & buy a higher cost one but that the feature can only be used a limited amount of times to avoid abuse. Maybe add back the limited duration ones too so players can try out the guns before going all in? At least for the ones not on the Armas.
  2. Since I am a f2p player & have a character of 103 rating, I think I should throw my opinion in here as well. First of all, I have a tough time getting cash. I have to play a lot to get something as low as a 100k. I don't buy weapons with mod slots cod they will slow down my snail pace at grabbing money. I don't even have tier 3 character mods yet cos they cost 60k and I need to get a good vehicle which will cost around 320k for a decent sports car. I share my bank with my friend to help me make ends meet. if JT guns get slapped 1 mil, I'd rather go buy a legendary than wasting my time on JT and then pay 1 mil on top of that.
  3. Imo, the muzzle flash on the tommy needs to be reduced as well. It happens a lot that I lose track of the enemy's movement when firing cos I can't see anything other than the flash.
  4. I was thinking about it a day or two ago. Currently only the Enforcers have LTLs & it is quite good in wasting time of Crims who'll have to first wait for someone to help them, and then wait to be respawned. The Crims should get this feature as well to balance it. Instead of arrests, we can call it kidnapping etc cos it'll be the most logical for Crims to kidnap rich kids for ransom. Only thing needed will be a change from cuffs to ropes & arrest/kidnaps on scoreboard.
  5. Wouldn't it make guns a bit difficult to use at range? There times when I'm sniping where a little part of the body is exposed which I wouldn't be able to tell if it weren't for the crosshair turning red.
  6. The gun is named "Hazardous" afterall. Yes, it's different colors of the pattern. White is best imo.
  7. I get the exact same problem. I thought I should lower my settings to make it stop but I guess it's not something I can fix.
  8. Every gun has it's uses and is aimed towards a specific playstyle. Yeah sure, the newbies would get cheaper guns but I don't think one should throw money at a gun without enough research on the gun itself. I'll give my example. I'm relatively new and only got my hands on Hazardous so far. Some of you might have seen me spamming the hell out of it in Fight Club because for me, it's a great gun. It's cheap & great for my playstyle. Sure, the recoil does get me killed at times, but most of the time I can easily control it since I play at very high sensitivity. The cheap price of it will save me a ot of purchases over time. One man's trash, another man's treasure.
  9. Come on guys, you're better than this. There are hackers in the game, that's true but the fact that we don't know how many hackers play does not mean we should start speculating without any knowledge that X percent of players are hackers. We should instead try to come up with solutions and demand the devs to implement such systems to prevent hack usage. Not everyone is a hacker. Just because a person is having a good day & is lucky enough to be missing very few shots does not mean said person is hacking. We're all in this together so no need to point fingers at each other as it will not help us in any way. I'd say implement a solid Client Sided Anti-Cheat and be done with it.
  10. I used to have a low end PC when I started playing APB & had to play with almost everything on low. I have a much better PC & play on the highest settings but I haven't felt much of a difference in graphics other than the brighter lights etc. Most of the things feel the exact same, esp the character & vehicle models. But yeah, people with C2Ds still exist.
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