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  1. A lot of the old guns are bad because they decrease ttk to the newer guns to make sales.
  2. They need to look into weapon balance as well not just the mods... in the current state of the game there are just a couple of weapons that everyone play because the rest are just useless if you compare them.
  3. Is funny it just passed out my mind but is quite true... If they love the game then they just pay to destroy it... this kind of love is sad
  4. I would had not go the extra mile to patiently explain all that on the forum and giving facts . Though i agree with all you said so far about cheating. I never saw the game bugs the main issue for APB, at least not for me. Though G1 did little to nothing and when they actually did something they unbaned them back.
  5. Jumanna


    You can still report them to twitch for cheating. They will not get banned in game but at least they'r twitch account gets closed.
  6. That is still cheating... you give your self and advantage over others which you are not supposed to have.
  7. Everyone relax this game is VAC secured
  8. Before i did quit the game i was beating cheaters in game... the score might not been pretty but a win is a win. You beat them by using simple knowledge of the game. As for the cheaters i do believe they do not do enough to clean the game and make it more enjoyable for everyone.
  9. Cheaters and weapon balance made by iron 5 at best.
  10. 1) Tracers 2) Increased TTK (way to low right now)... there are way to many weapons that they no longer have they'r own niche.... the current weapon balance is absurd. I feel like the weapon balance right now is a real joke... who they did listen to ? the bronze, silvers, cheaters ? 3) Events with g1c even if is a low amount of it. 4) Active GM's in game. That is what i would like to see. I think that weapon balance was much better in the old days then it has ever been since g1 took over. Also a real clean up of the cheaters after the engine upgrade is done because no matter what g1 does they still are the main plague of this game.
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