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  1. Player health: 1000 NHVR Damage: 850 NHVR Damage * 2 shots = 1700 damage point This is normal.
  2. @MattScott The problem of Identical solutions: A reasonable solution to this problem, if a player has registered a nickname before he stays with him, other players who registered this nickname will later have the opportunity to see their nickname.
  3. Maybe you will get a ban for using APB Advanced launcher?
  4. This is normal. Your problem is not standard, and most likely the LO team is trying to find a solution to your problem, that's why they do not answer for so long.
  5. I suggest adding a K\D system so that players can play on equal terms #SystemKD
  6. Gold = Gold server Silver = Silver server Bronze = Bronze server Delete green rank
  7. Problem was solved by itself.
  8. Please stop spamming if you don’t know how to play this game is your problem. It is not necessary to call every good player a cheater.
  9. Thanks for the answer. This is the first thing I did, but it did not help, I also pressed all the keys on the keyboard, it also did not help.
  10. After 30-40 minutes, Game HUD disappears, what is the reason?
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