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  1. Just a quick complaint, So what's going on with this? Every year were allowed to use the snowballs and hohohopgl in mission districts, yet this year is different? Another thing is why even show us they are there if we cant even use them?
  2. Little to no problems what so ever in fight club this morning. Yesterday was horrendous with the constant warping every second, but no complaints today.
  3. Fight Club is no doubt the laggiest I've seen it currently. Not sure what, is happening.
  4. The video speaks for itself
  5. Hello, I have seen on the forums here and there about shader configs and other stuff, but I just want a full clarification on all of these things. 1. Bullet Holes and Muzzle Flash Removal - Removes weapon flash and where your bullets hit the ground. I can see this one being not allowed since it is basically getting rid of a flash on your screen that could stop you from seeing another player, maybe in the corner of your eye. (even though that is a one in a million chance) I can probably live without this one but just to be sure. 2. Kill feed - This one I don't see such a big problem. This changes the kill feed color to any color recognized by the game (Green, Red, Blue, Orange, Yellow, White, Black, Purple) I could see this added into the game seeing as it gives no game advantage what so ever and is just a matter of personal preference. Also because you are given an option to change chat colors, 3. Toggle Shift to Sprint - Self explanatory, this is just another personal preference that I really could see being added into the list of controls in the in game Options. Toggle sprint is engraved in my muscle memory and I'd be kinda bummed if it is not allowed. 4. Mission Names - This just adds the type of the last stage of the mission next to the name. I don't expect to see this one continuing from this point as it is kind of an advantage over the other team. You know if it's an item hold, your team can just sit in cars on defense then when the last stage hits, already be on the objective. *Keep in mind that I'm not asking about shader configs, these things are just my personal preference on editing the game.
  6. Matt said for now, don't use it because they don't know how it will interact with the anti-cheat.
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