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  1. I don't have any idea how the smoothframerate is implemented. But external framelimiters almost always cause more input latency than inbuilt ones.
  2. Have you measured the input lag to make such a statement? Usually FPS limiters outside of the game are causing more input latency than inbuilt frame limiters, but of course this depends on how the inbuilt frame limiter itself works.
  3. Well, sure, NPCs disappear and appear, of course. That is a very small price to pay for getting more equal matches, more opposition as in different teams, faster opposition since the pool is larger... Honestly, I can't see any valid arguments why this system isn't superior to the one we have. I could even bet that this system could attract more players into the game and personally I see it as the biggest game changer this game has ever had even planned, including the engine upgrade itself. Also, issues like these can be easily worked out. Make the phasing players transparent for a while so no collision issues. District chat is rather pointless for many, mostly filled with garbage. Social is the district where you can socialize. Immersion is not taken out but made better since you actually match with equal players and the phasing procedure is quick and not happening every time a match begins. Even solo, you get more chances to play with equally skilled other solo players than put in a team with a random less skilled team. You could even make "friends" this way. Less frustration, more fun pew pewing.
  4. True, but a not a big deal. Threat system, while it has flaws, works decently enough but 40 players is just way too small a pool to pick players from. This system would fix people not getting opposed matches and make the matches more balanced.
  5. This would make the game much better and more fair. Dynamically moving teams to match the threats better, and eventually the district would have similarly skilled teams. Was this mentioned somewhere? I've been suggesting and hoping this for ages and I think it was discussed years ago too. Technically it doesn't have to "load" you if done correctly like in The Division. It changes the "server" on-the-fly without you noticing in any other way than enemies/players disappearing and appearing.
  6. That is because you write "Speed=2.0". Literally the only variable that works. Mouse fix is not required and the in-game option fixes it. Speed=2.0 is not needed either and doesn't fix anything.
  7. This would be stupid. The spawns shouldn't reward you by effectively teleporting you into a good position to flank your opponents. That's something you should do by yourself. Spawns should be somehow located on the opposite 180 degs of the mission objective. I agree with this post. Granted, I haven't played in three years so my current knowledge about the car spawner mod is a bit old, however I never liked the aspect that if your enemy team has it, you have to have it as well. It's too powerful to ignore. It shouldn't give an obvious edge but be something that gives an unique way to be tactical. I remember disliking the fact that you can spawn into a moving car. Sometimes you might end up scoring a kill at the previous objective (which should be rewarded by that person reaching the next objective slower), yet the person spawned in a car in front of you driving towards the point. Needless to say, this should never happen.
  8. I like you. Sadly, the backlash is going to be huge, though. Some people were name-called so much... I don't see these name-callers suddenly accepting their own lack of skill and the hurt on their ego - or understanding the Dunning-Kruger effect. Much more likely scenario is that they will just end up calling BE a bad anti-cheat system. Sorry for the pessimistic problem borrowing from the future, maybe it's different this time.
  9. The only variable that does something is Speed=, everything else is useless. Even that does what it say it does - alters the scaling factor. The in-game option disables mouse smoothing. This fix isn't needed.
  10. The game wouldn't lose anything if collision was taken off when an opposed mission starts. It would do both, prevent deliberate griefing and make this game a bit less annoying by removing a bit of the luck factor. So would removing the P5/N5 during an active mission. Thus, I vote for change and change it so that collision with players outside of the mission is disabled. Obviously keep collision on with the NPC cars and with the players in the mission.
  11. What if they introduce something like tokens to combat this, similarly how The Division deals with the gambling vendor? You get keys by playing, albeit very slowly. One could use these tokens to buy Joker boxes, thus have a chance to actually get the same equipment by playing a ton. Maybe even allow the use of the in-game currency to buy those tokens? Alternatively, change legendaries so that they do not differ by stats but by look or other factors like customized kill weapon image, customizable name etc. Something to keep the prestige factor to get people to still buy them which might be a hard task. I agree with you though, it can't go the way he mentioned without changes to the gear or the system.
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