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June 2019 Update

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On 7/17/2019 at 3:26 PM, Aroa Croft said:

let's see if you have something called intelligence after this argument:

Croft is my second character, before I started with another character and I have not been interested at all in the pvp until the end of 2011 since my initial character has all the crafting (I think it takes time this, at least a year that I know) With this, the video that I show and knowing that it is not easy to learn pvp in this game it is clear to see the date that I started playing, being at least when the death toll books was the strongest of the game and everything was balanced (this is the game space that I think was the most addictive and the one that should be put) By the way, I laugh about your 20,000 hours of play because I do not remember that 1 was in the most splendid time of the game.


I am left with an hour of the time that was a game to play 20K hours (if it were true that I doubt it) that you had played your game in a dead game



 This is link of video, not done by me btw, if not by people who acepted me in their team because i was good doing pvp:





after see video, you can FEEL what means pvp ( is not like today OBVIUSLY)

So you joined post f2p. Well done the game had already been out for a year. You know the 'purchase and play' thing you suggested that was FE before. You purchase the game and sub. Here's how it turned out:



Fe after running for 6 months was reduced to 1/3 it's launch size. This included the axing of essentially their head(upper devs). After being bought out by G1 it was either half or 1/3 of that amount. Gore came in so they could pay some people on their way out.


Aroa it's great you have high hopes and ideas, but they are trash. A reset will literally do nothing except remove people's attachment. Adding a price tag for cheaters is great and all, but there is no reason to pay it(nevermind the large upfront price tag to catch them outside very stupid ones).


I agree with what mystman said, and we would likely completely disagree on numerous points or reasons. I like FE but even at it's peak it was unhealthy.



Do I wish FE came back? Definitely. The thing is it's hard to see happen and at this point it would only be with a new player base. The old devs burned their golden tickets sadly.


On 8/13/2019 at 1:56 PM, Aroa Croft said:

Nysek has already done what he could with a "question and answer" with the current owner, which is already a lot.

The problem here is that only promises are given (which we all like), but visually nothing new is seen, it is more of the same, even when they take out new graphics it will be more of the same and in my view it is not to change anything.

If we are self-critical with the situation of one year ago, we can see that the game has worsened greatly. It is not for fucking the opinion of anyone who said in the past "if there is a reset I am leaving" or of someone who has said "if there is a reset, people will not play" To all those people "who criticize and give no ideas," I say, where are you when the ship has almost sunk? It gives me that time gives people the reason and it is clear that the game cannot satisfy four people if with it the sequence is to burst a game, as it has clearly been seen over time. With this I say "I saw it coming".


steam charts show reality: https://steamcharts.com/app/113420 ( 20 players is a online game? obviusly, not )


- Idea -

While it is clear that cheaters will continue to play even if no one plays and that dupes and the usual toxicity in the game will continue, I say to this that there are very easy solutions to develop with this and it is not necessary to have a " superanticheat "or have a game without bugs so that everything works with the best guarantees. While the first thing is the reset and do it in advantageous conditions for the developer. Even though the free account is an incentive for cheaters (I would pay a single payment of 5 or 10 euros to create an account) and the bugs of the game, I would leave two maps surrounded in their contours of deadly radiation, to that nobody will transfer the maps (in the case that it is not possible to return to an earlier version) and all the marketplace objects in "non-tradeable", this is called giving ideas.

Wow the less than 100 population was halved because of poor server performance earlier in the year....wild. What an unhead of precedent...technical issues pissing people off. Not like that has literally happened multiple times in FE's history. Spoiler: It has.


Do you not understand the purpose of a f2p game? A f2p game brings you in with the enticement playing a free game then get's you to sub or buy something every once in a while after playing. So the initial barrier to entry is not there. This is in comparison to asking for money at the door and people not even giving it the sniff test. That is the entire point of it. FE tried the non-f2p and failed at it, although it's questionable how much better f2p was(although it was probably okish just not a particularly good or active monetization model...hard to say but remember it was considered a low income game even back near the start of it's f2p).


20:00 for where FE stands vs APB 6 years ago


Also do you know how you prevent people from going to an earlier version? You delete it or remove it from the server off of it. So your idea with the marketplace is to make it all untradeable? What is this the trap marketplace? You can waste your money placing the item, but you can never sell it! FE wasn't broken by duping or more than 2 sectors sorry.


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Imagine arguing about a game which has 20 average players. Only half of which are usually max level. The rest are low levels who randomly found the game on steam.


Imagine arguing about a game which the company has just sold off some rights to their "cash cow" game. Actually still expecting development on Fallen Earth.


Quite clear Shittle Orbit is hurting financially, and some of you people actually still are holding out hope. 


Memes, omegalul.

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Hey everyone,


Cell Phone here, not sure how many people remember me, but I was one of the first (if not the first) to beat round 10 of the dome without cheating, the video is still on youtube at https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=SaOhl4mDRKs&t=301s


I had lots of fun doing the dome and making the video. This is one of the most memorable moments in my video game history and I will never forget it. 


Although I moved on with my life (you don't stay young forever and life hits after your teenage years) I still play games occasionally, and as a very old player (from beta), I am still watching from afar and rooting for the success of the game and the comeback.


I am sure you have many old players watching what is going on from afar and waiting for the day things are stable and LO is ready to relaunch the game. No matter what I am doing at that point in my life. I will come back for the opening, and I am sure many older players will come back as well.


For those who remember me, I would like to say that I am still around and watching from afar. I am waiting for the day to meet you all again. (and all the new and old players I have not met yet). I hope you are all doing well and accomplishing and being successful in your personal lives.


If you would like to get in touch with me, you can send me a private message on the forums and we can reconnect.


P.S. Posting on my first account which was created in 2009, you can also find me on my second account which I created in 2012 https://forums.gamersfirst.com/profile/4716-zal80000/


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  • To mcfiller aka agent noir:
  • I respect your opinion, but I think your opinion is wrong, the game world is very variable and each game has its peculiarities that make it work. Having said that. the game is at a point of no return since December 2014 (I think I already warned you  about it) since what makes the game "peculiar" is its system of factions and its socialization, something that no other game has been able to copy (and that that many other games have tried to copy and failed)
  • I do not say that the f2p system does not work, probably if it works, but it is insecure if you do not have security systems or if the game is obsolete, as it is in this case, which leads to its total loss sooner or later. My ideas of two maps and a reset is to have a clean game in addition to creating a new environment that of course must be controlled and well thought out from the beginning, giving priority to what makes the game "peculiar". The establishment of a payment (minimum) is a barrier that protects the game as I have explained (and it is not annoying at all if they give you certain gift items). about putting the entire marketplace in "non-tradeable" is simply to protect against the bug and thus allow it to "separate and stack objects" since maps 1 and 2 lack valuables that can damage the game in future maps already made and that could be Existing user? Sign In   improved.
  • Think about this: what is the use of having large amounts of scrap lead in the inventory? On the other hand, what can be the use of a multitude of low-level crafted weapons / equipment? This second can bring new players closer to the game, it is currently impossible for a new player to enjoy the great equipment / weapons repertoire that the game has since no one bothers to do so. Honestly, between you and me, I think my idea would work, renewing the game completely and I have faith that at least they tried before shutting down the game. Seriously, it will work! I want to believe so.
  • jdred:
  • You have a lot of negativity and you have no reason to think like that since the game has already touched the bottom of the sea. Seeing that Lo does nothing helps your negativity and you know that even if they put better graphics it will still be the same, even if there is no lag, it will remain the same without lag. but I tell you friend that there is still hope to return to the old days, I have already expressed how and I know it will work

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Thanks for the feedback Matt 😉

Had a note in the diary to check back and see what the situation was regarding Decon / GM requirements (as I'm still in the old Hazmat Clan (Why was the name changed again?), cheers for keeping it going Luco!).


Hopped on a couple of days ago and actually found a couple of questions to answer in the /help channel, which was fun, and reminded me of the chaos that channel used to be back in the day before my "green curse".


For someone who spends almost all their in-game time asleep on a truck roof in Embry I'm still surprised there is a persistent trickle of newbie questions but of course more would be better so good luck with progress.


It would be awesome to see a return to the numbers that used to be online way back when...

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On 9/2/2019 at 5:50 AM, Aroa Croft said:
  • Think about this: what is the use of having large amounts of scrap lead in the inventory?



Large amounts of scrap lead means lots and lots of ammo making duh!!!!

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