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  1. Pretty sure you start will 11 crafting kits although I'm not sure about Construction. That would be reducing 11 to 1 and therefore 10 slots saved, if my math is correct
  2. Hazmat / Knowledge Helper confirming this behavior. Seem to have some 2016 "One Armed Bandit" achievements, the rest are all gone. (was over 11,000 points prior to the migration / rollback)
  3. Commander's Best Crafting Kit is a permanent item that replaces all the other crafting kits, saves ten pack slots and a kilo of weight. Worth having and highly recommended
  4. Not sure about always. Sometimes the greater good demands a mean streak but the intention is not usually to create casualties that never come back. FE is a fairly steep learning curve, which can be frustrating and any rollback is bound to add to that due to lost player time and also the admin time to reprocess store purchases. LO are doing what they can, and keeping us very well informed. Patience can be very handy.
  5. And on a lighter note, now I finally managed to figure out how to get back in the forums (doh!), thanks Matt and the team at LO for everything you're doing to try and keep Alec Masters alive. Very much appreciated, and don't forget to feed the hammies
  6. Having read your abusive responses to the downtime on the forums for the last few days, and now seeing you deliberately and maliciously change your name to something offensive, plus you continue hurling abuse at others because someone said, and I quote: "Zefc - Stay on your horse, let Lonnie kill them, and please don't bring the whinging from the forums into the /help channel." I doesn't seem we're losing very much. Perhaps you can take this opportunity to examine your own behaviour and remarks.
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