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What to do with Weapon Drops?  

34 members have voted

  1. 1. Should weapon drops stay in mission districts?

    • Yes
    • No
  2. 2. Should weapon drops stay outside of RIOT at all?

    • Yes, keep it.
    • Yes, but only in separate districts
    • Yes, but only in fight club
    • No.

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I saw the post from Matt Scott that the "feature" was actually a bug that shouldn't occur in mission districts. He said they were going to adress the issue but I cannot help to feel sad by this as this was by far the best feature of the patch. I might even go to such an extent to say that this is one of the best features ever added to APB in post launch. Let me first start with why this feature should stay permanently. 

1: It can be seen as a balancing feature that will bridge the gap between veteran players who have thousands of hours of game time and the newer players who haven't started to unlock stuff yet. An example of this could be a R255 player who got themselves killed and drop a weapon with a purple mod which requires R195 to use under normal circumstances, in this case players below that can pick up the weapon and fight on even terms. 
In Matt Scott's post he said something about some other balancing feature which could come eventually but until we actually know what it is, weapon drops should stay. 

2: Leading into my second point, weapon drops will probably promote sales of Armas weapons and Joker boxes weapons due to the ability to test them out before buying. (I've also requested a testing range in social which seemed to get positive feedback). This actually happened to me today, tried and tested the Showstopper Thunder and the VBR 'Huntress' and I liked it, now I will definitely get them for myself. 

3: Important to note is that the weapon drop system actually replaces your equipped weapon unlike how it worked with Valentine weapons which simply added another primary to your load-out. This eliminates much of the abuse potential of switching weapons mid fight. 

I've opened up polls on the matter seeing how Matt Scott only opened up polls on keeping it in FC. I'm also genuinely interested why some people seem to absolutely hate this feature so if you feel like it, please explain why you don't like the feature (or why you like it 😁)  

I hope this feature is here to stay and that Little Orbit reconsider their statement. 


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Ultimately the poll doesn't matter, as MattScott has made it perfectly clear that he has no interest in listening to the players (in either direction) on this one.


As I've said in multiple other threads on the subject, I'd rather it stay. Shakes up the gameplay, makes it so you don't always know exactly what you're going against.

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as mattscott posted, it just throws weapon balance out the window 


it also indirectly encourages slower, more cautious gameplay (more corner humping, more loyo spamming, etc) because dying is now potentially even more costly 

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think about who benefits and you'll understand the reason why the players so vote !


all done correctly . new players will be a little bit easier to exist , the old players may suck their ambitions .

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Yeah it should stay.

Most of players crying over it are the ones who think that are better than they really are and get killed with their own weapons.

You just have to see FC chat on Citadel...

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Weapon drops probably have a negative impact on sales, especially JMB, which is why I believe they are so against it.


Part of the reason people buy weapons and JMB is they believe those weapons are OP, having easy access to try and use these weapons without restrictions lowers the desire to spend money on Armas.


The whole "loadouts" argument is PR talk.  It's too easy already to swap loadouts with ammo boxes, trunk ammo, ammo tools, mail boxes, car spawners, contacts, and ammo vending machines.

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