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VOTE Infromation about engine or infromation about solving cheating issue

Infromation about engine or infromation about solving cheating issue  

78 members have voted

  1. 1. Would you rather hear news or solutions for new engine or new anti-cheat system

    • Engine upgrade
    • Cheating issue
    • Fixing matchmaking and threat district system

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New content.

Rest is useless.


MM  with a dethreaters community will never works.

Engine will don't help, cause the game is mutilated.

Cheaters are the conseguence of f2p system.

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1 hour ago, Queen of Love said:

New content.

Rest is useless.

except the engine is needed for that new content, unless you want more stuff that is absolute shit like riot

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On 3/29/2021 at 11:32 AM, CookiePuss said:

Theres like 20 people on the forums. Can we stop the polls please?

Pretty much this....


Any real progress for APB needs an engine upgrade anyways.

There is no real use of diverting most of the finances and  resources  on an anti cheat and not upgrading the engine as fast as possible.

This game would stay dead and only be good for sucking the life out of Little Orbit .

If APB is to ever turn around the engine upgrade is a must have.

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matchmaking doesn' t make sens u want a new matchmaking system while the population can't sustain the matchmaking system.


also why fix cheaters if u know the engine upgrade wil need to change for that to actualy be more acurate


so engine upgrade is the smartest move atm. we seen everything already happen to the rest and it all failed ... so if the engine upgrade succeeds even if its 3.5 than we wil see probebly new possibility's

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On 4/3/2021 at 7:47 PM, ZoriaDunne said:

You can't really fix the matchmaking with how low the player population is, there's not enough players to choose to play agaisnt.
Also, the game is F2P, meaning one can create a new account if banned when cheating, so it's gonna keep going.
For the Engine upgrade... I lost hopes long, long ago.

That's a spiral of death though, you need new players in the game, you can't keep new players when you submit them to steamrolling, you lose new players to steamrolling.

If you don't believe me go look at the Steam reviews, and count the occurences of the words "p2w" and "cheaters". Now in the former case it's 99% new players who got steamrolled by dethreaters, and in the latter it's a solid majority of players who got their booty kicked again by dethreaters WAY over their skill level.

You have no chance of EVER populating this game again unless you fix the underlying issue, which is making sure everyone is faced with appropriate opposition and a bridgeable skill-gap.

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