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I got my gun back

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Remember this thread?

It's the thread I posted after I 'felt' like I was scammed. I only read the first reply and realized the roasting that was coming, so for the good of my sleep at night I didn't read anymore replies and took a break from Apb and forums.


Time goes by and I feel the urge in my veins to play Apb again. This urges explodes into desperation when I hear the news of permanent guns via joker tickets. Im like fuck I have 15k jts. Time to head home!


I buy my guns and continue to play like I used to but with the bitter feeling that I didn't had any money or any legend gun on any of my account that i was so used to having, cuz I spent it all to buy new glory that got stolen from me...


But you know what? I still had that guy's who took my gun and his alt account on my friend list. Let me tell you that I had already accepted that I was never going get my gun back but still i felt like maybe, maybe he will come online someday and I'll somehow pursue him to give my gun back.


A month goes buy.


I had a day off next day so I decided to play till late night. And I gets a notification that I know was sure was never going to show up but still hoped it will. And it did.


"Banana has came online"









"Clicks ESC"

"Groups and friends"


He is online...


To [banana] : "Hey bud"


No reply


To [banana] : "hey, invite me to your group"

[Banana] : "oh sry im in fc"

To [banana] : "hey you mind returning my new glory back?"

[Banana]: "oh sorry dude.I play on uneven hours, you weren't online whenever I played"


[Banana] : "let me change my character, meet me on social"


To [banana] : "alright"

*Heart beating fast*


*Clicks ESC*

*Change district*

*Social district*



*Shooo shoo weeee..*

*Duh duh dummm*

*Sooo doo doo*




                                                                                         ERROR / Disconnected

                                           You have been disconnected from the server unexpectedly. The server may have gone

                                                              offline, or you may be experiencing network connectivity issues.






















*Logs in again*

*district select - SOCIAL*


                           All Hope Is Lost



Banana was still online on social district on his alt account waiting for me. We traded and i got my gun back. We talked as usual, i didnt gave him any hint that i doubted his intentions. I asked if he wanted to play with me on action district but he said he wanted to farm tickets on fc and there we parted ways.



Well what can i say...I want to believe him that he did played on uneven or odd hours and our timeline didnt match And im likely to believe it given that i dont act dumb anymore.


And yes i did actually got disconnected while changing district. ive even made a thread for this on tech forums lol it was SO FREAKING FRUSTRATING.

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