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  1. Yeah I like it too. Also, I guess it is a bug, it also happened with the Epidemic Event where you could pick up people guns. It was fun to keep trying other players guns in Asylum at that time.
  2. It should stay, is the only good thing I liked from the Epidemic Event. At least this way new players can try some other weapons. And you guys are against it because noobs can kill you with your own weapon or why? Because I don't understand how this could be a problem or why people don't like it
  3. Devil17

    Can't join Riot

    Happened to me 3 or 4 times. After that I've played with no poblems except the fact that you have to reconnect to RIOT server once the match is over if you want to play again. I think it happens where there are no RIOT servers avalaible to play (match already started and there are no more people to start other match, or something like that)
  4. The only good thing about RIOT are the easy Joker Tickets That's it...
  5. Actually I think this should stay. Kind of fun keep killing the same guy with his own gun...
  6. Can't even fucking play it. The game just keep crashing everytime I join Riot
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