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  1. I'm running Bootcamp on a 27 inch iMac. My specs are i5 9600, 40gb ram, and a RX 580 GPU. I was getting pretty consistent 60-70fps on Financial. about 2440p resolution, Medium graphics. When I would take damage and recover, there was a second little "screen" which looked like a damage layer mirroring the full screen. Dont really know how to describe it. Couple stutters early on but they went away after I drove around the district. The escape menu text was jittering around/flashing which was very odd, after I made graphics modifications. Finally, when I was running around I was getting weird lighting artifacts, just like looked kind of like spotlights moving around my character.
  2. Just wanted to pop in and say thanks for giving us specifics. Doesn't mean much to me realistically but as a player who's been around since the RTW closed beta I want to see this game reach its full potential. It has an absurd amount of longevity already for being what it is and I think you guys are doing good work with it. Your transparency is commendable and though the timelines are never as good as you'd like to hear, rest assured the entire APB community I played with will be online fragging the second there's an update.
  3. Can confirm. A pickup on Creme de la Crime triggered a loss for us as well, and I believe another mission we picked up an item and immediately won. Something with item pickups is bugged.
  4. What's your reasoning? I'm here to have a discourse brotha, your opinion is not meaningful without qualifying it like I am. I'm going off of my own experience, the NTEC beasts the Obeya because the tap-firing Obeya is worse than a tap-firing Ntec. There's gotta be some sort of give with that. I've got almost 3000 hours on this game, i've played through almost every balance patch this game has had. The Obeya nerf was the one nerf that I never understood. Totally broke the gun.
  5. IMO most of the guns are in a pretty good spot. the HVR I would say needs a nerf to like 75% damage. Something to avoid the Obeya pistol single shot kill afterwards. The NTEC is in a great spot right now, .7ttk, very good skill ramp that really encourages tap firing over bursting and whatnot. If I'd change anything I'd take the range down by a few meters (and buff the Obeya to cover the different range), but otherwise great gun. You can really mix and match mods with this one. I would personally argue that the Obeya rifle should be buffed back up to close to where it was, I think that nerf that they did forever ago was a total injustice but it's just not where it used to be and it helped balance out some of the other automatic rifles. I think the Mountie is too accurate and the TTK is too high. The Fang has too long of range and slightly too high of accuracy. The M1922 I think could use a slightly lower firerate balanced with a slightly increased accuracy. I think the PMG could use a slight accuracy nerf. Its accuracy and damage dropoff is WAY farther than the OCA.
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