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  1. Thanks god I uninstalled this game. At least I will have more space on disk for some good games.
  2. Come on just stop playing like me and lets wait for some valuable update.
  3. Yeah yeah first ask if we want something. That way you can be sure it is not going to end up like RIOT.
  4. Have you ever played "Minion Masters"? You get rewards almost after every single match which takes like 3-5 minutes. And yeah why shouldnt we expect rewards. All we get now is just few in-game $.
  5. I would rename it from "Apb Reloaded" to "Apb Postponed" or "Apb Delayed".
  6. How about lack of updates? That alway was and allways be #1 reason this game is dying.
  7. I mean I could wait for RIOT 7+ years, cause most of us hate BR. OTW just proved me that BR will never be enjoyable.
  8. Ok what have they done in 1 year? 1 new JMB, unbanning cheaters so they can continue screwing up the game even more, trading system (not sure if somebody is using it) and some "SCPT" team (no one really cares about this).
  9. Ok they are not same. LO has useless "alpha" test. By the way we cant be 100% about that since we havent seen any progress. But that is the only different thing between LO and G1. In everything else they are just same.
  10. LUL it is not going to die. This game is cursed whoever buys will bankrupt.
  11. Thankfully they didnt. They would rather put it on OTW. More players = more bugs could be found faster meaning they could be fixed faster. Thats something LO doesnt underastand.
  12. I really dont see any difference on low graphics and max graphics. When I change my graphics from max to low I still have same FPS
  13. Pff what did u expect? Of course everyone who wrote is defending LO (dont worry they will end up like G1, everyone will be complaining about them). People on forums just need more time to realize LO is just same as G1.
  14. Good to know I am not the only who doesnt underastand anything this dude wrote.
  15. Wow Im sure they are absolutely scared of you
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