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  1. Ha ha, another video without a very long lapse * For me it has been good, as much as the edit and the music *. Trust you to keep getting more material out of this caliber. ┬┴┬┴┤ ͜ʖ ͡°) ├┬┴┬┴
  2. Yup, that's totally true * After 6 years, people won't miss it *. And I don't usually see APB Streamers to compare the average online, but I think about 650 people from Kempington, 140 Exi .., and more were people who could not enter and enjoy the Beta. * The same, also people interested in the game * (ㆆ_ㆆ)
  3. Only this man MattScott knows. ┬────┬ ¯\_(ツ)
  4. Honestly, it was something highly expected and also predictable, the fact that a disaster would happen. * Personally, I was joking with my friends about something like this was very likely *. Now, in my opinion LO should have made clear the fact that many people could not enter * if they organize it on X day * and they should have raffled the acces, to be able to enter, thus avoiding a server overload.
  5. For now, settle for this: --
  6. I totally agree with you, but you do not deny me the fact that obviously when it is finished there will be a quite noticeable change, in terms of graphics.
  7. I'm not sure about this, but there was already a case of that same question, throughout the summer test. And what they said is that they would change the source * I think the one that is currently in Live *
  8. I would appreciate it if you published this one. I found this part interesting because in the trailer of the Unreal Engine 3.5 published by G1, there are elements such as container coverage.
  9. I do not know if all the options that were in the videos that the people do of the graphic engine unreal 3.5 will be, but I do remember that the option to see objects from farther away was.
  10. I have a question that you are completely free to answer, and this is: As many people know that the old company G1 promised the new graphic engine, in specific Unreal 3.5 and here the post they made in November 2015 of that. https://apbreloaded.gamersfirst.com/2015/11/ And from here comes the question of the century, what you have currently done and the final product, which you want to reach, is something like this?
  11. Ketog you can agree me to chat? I have one Hint.
  12. Can someone please explain me the initials of ARG.
  13. I have already published the first image in another forum but I put it back here next to another one. This is a puzzle of fragments that I have put together from the page: Redhillinstitute.com And this other image in which I looked recently looking for something from the redhill page mentioned above. What I want to show is a part of this, which contains a four-digit pattern. And thanks to everyone for taking the time, to have read this information.
  14. Hmmmm… A puzzle of 10 min of work. You can do it by cutting out pieces of images, from the page of: Redhillinstitute.com Merged. Merged. In my opinion it is a new band, which will include new contacts along with the new content, that is: rank, maybe guns and another things.
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