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  1. The best composer ever! I enjoy him om iTunes, but ITunes didn’t sync with my iPhone so I used those tips https://osxtips.net/iphone-not-syncing-with-itunes/ to solve the problem. Sometimes I wish I would be an Android user
  2. Well, when I was at your age I thought I could do any job and earn enough but it is false. You should find out what you really want earn extra money or enough for living. I chose the second one and went into trading. I still believe it was the right decision. I have been trading forex for 7 years already and can provide living for the whole my family easily. Find a good broker (my choice is AvaTrade https://fx-list.com/broker/avatrade), learn the subject and be persistent at what you are doing. Only that you will succeed. Good luck!
  3. i will rate PUBG (player’s unknown's battle Ground) as rank 1. Why PUBG ? Over the last few months Playerunknown’s Battlegrounds, an online survival shooter in the custom of DayZ, has taken the gaming world by storm. With more than 2 million copies sold, it’s one of the best-selling games on Steam. It’s also become a main among YouTubers and on Twitch. I even have found a website DrakeMall where you can open mystery boxes and cases to get some game staff or expensive gadgets. I should say it is pretty cool!
  4. Hey, you can also recover files from the deleted folder by using DiskInternal Uneraser DataRecovery https://www.diskinternals.com/uneraser/. This data recovery software is 100% safe and offers you the easiest way to solve your problem. I was in your boots several times and DiskInternal Uneraser helped me. Good luck and happy playing
  5. Lucky you are, you have been shown the notification at least
  6. Had the same problem, thanks guys
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