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  1. So uh, are the servers offline again for ps4 NA? Can't join any districts, and baylan and social are completely nonexistent as of now.
  2. This was the most exciting thing about the Q&A for me as an old PC player, who is now a ps4 player. I dont think I'd really enjoy fighting PC players too often but if you could choose whether you want to or not I'm down. Merging social on the other hand would just be amazing. I miss everyone from PC, and being able to interact with them in game would be sooooo awesome. If they could do a cross platform marketplace, well that would be awesome too.
  3. JWar!!! Its been a while dude! Hows it going?!
  4. I do know that both are getting worked on, and I also know PC updates are easier to do because they dont require any third party to verify/allow an update...but still. It would be nice to even have one or two sentences just dedicated to how things are going. Even if it's just to say they're still working on the previous bugs. Something is better than nothing. Also there are many console users who check the forums, even if not as much as pc. Although none are really active posters...
  5. That would be all fine and dandy, except we arent supposed to be waiting for a PC update to come to fix console. Our updates are supposedly almost done and we havent really had any news other than the first post about them. Do you know that on console currently all people have to do is type certain things in chat to bring the whole game down? Or that you cant change weapons 90% of the time without having to reset? 99% of our halloween event was botched because of pleasant fellow players abusing an exploit and crashing the servers repeatedly. I honestly could care less about content for console at this point, but we really need this update to be pushed out just so we can play the game normally period. And I beg to differ, I have played apb on PC and on console and pc is definitely better than console, even without the engine upgrade lol I feel sorry for us too, it's frustrating watching PC get talked about week after week and have pretty much dead silence about console.
  6. I get it, PC > Console. It is where the majority of your playerbase is, it's what makes the most money...the engine upgrade for pc is exciting! I love the progress I've been seeing, but can we please know where the console update is standing currently? Mentioning console casually in your update posts isnt really helpful, as far as us console players know y'all havent made any progress on the bugs that need to be fixed to push out this update. Anything? Please?
  7. Since us console players don't have access to the prizes mentioned, can we even enter this?
  8. I'm on ps4 and cant currently access any district. Someone has been booting the game offline for weeks and has vowed to make the halloween event as crappy as possible for those of us trying to play.
  9. As a former avid PC player, to a now avid console player. I am so excited for everything coming for both platforms! Can't wait! (Still salty yall gonna release my PC name tho >.>)
  10. I haven't played PC in years but there is no way anything like this could ever work. (IF it's still the same, I'm assuming it is because of other various complaints I've read) I refuse to solo, period. So I'm in a financial waiting for my friend to join so we can do missions. District is full (full of people doing missions or people messing around..it doesnt matter). So...this friend spams the district trying to get in. Spends 10-15 minutes doing that until voila, I'm kicked for not doing missions. Then we both say screw it and quit... So essentially if I want to play the game I have to force myself to play in a way I don't enjoy and eventually I'm just going to stop because it's not worth it. Not to mention alienating ANY part of this games small population is not going to do you any favors in the long run. Those people just goofing off driving around and chit chatting might have done missions later providing opp for people, but since they cant enjoy the game the way they want to they have decided to simply not play at all.
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