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  1. to be fair they've needed to revamp or get rid of the rank cap for districts for a long time. full bronze district and you're gold? might as well log off or play fight club lol game doesnt have enough players to be segregating people like that
  2. running a ryzen system with the lowest ddr4 speed possible + having a pretty outdated gpu = apb's fault. OC your ram at the very least and I guarantee you'll see a huge difference. Also, GTX 1080s have been under 300$ twice this week in the US.
  3. i just played the crew 2 beta while that was going on instead now im back 2 playing shitty csgo... trying to play apb on jericho is just pointless
  4. yo sick thread bros glad we got really upset over virtual items
  5. cant even be bothered to play even tho i just got my main unbanned servers are legit a meme
  6. in game is much much different... different capital letters n shit lol
  7. second this my name is super fuckin cringe id pay 5-10$ usd for a name change
  8. i know I can't even use a sound booster program that boosts windows sound so battleye is pretty picky overall
  9. i was ticket #102 and have never ever gotten a non c+p reply this is going well
  10. so lemme get this straight if u got unbanned then you were caught cheating/ff detected something right? the people still banned are actually clean players at least that's what im getting from this
  11. i mean i have proof my acc was hacked before it got banned and if it wasnt banned for cheating then what for lmao either way ive p much lost interest anyways, might return when there's content.. who wants to wait a month and have nothing happen? not me personally
  12. wow i am so shocked most of the people banned weren't even banned for cheating it's almost like there used to be a gm that gave out false bans for god knows what reasons hmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmmm
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