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  1. I like this idea as well. A lot of games I play do something similar. Maybe combine it with a play time system that gives smaller rewards. Like rewards at 15 minutes, 30 minutes, 45 minutes and 1hr. Something like: 15 Minutes - 100 APBS 30 Minutes - 150 APBS 45 Minutes - 200 APBS 1 Hour - 250 APBS and 5JT
  2. Well, what I liked about the Arcade Mode in S4 League is that you had different grades of AI opponents. They were missions that told a story, more or less. Think of it like doing missions with a friend in Saints Row 2 or 3 Co Op. In Arcade Mode you could solo queue for a mission, join a mission in a premade group or do random matchmaking. The AI would be seperated into two or three categories, Minions (Basic run, jump and shoot type stuff), Lieutenants (A bit more complex tactics, actively going for objectives) and Bosses. The main difference with my idea is instead of it being strictly for new players, it would be something for all players to enjoy. Maybe even finally allow some more exploration of the story of San Paro beyond just 'You're a criminal/enforcer, go out and kill the other faction.'. Most modern shooters have some sort of campaign or story mode these days and open world games like Grand Theft Auto and Saints Row have decent stories as well. Basically, think of it as a co-op district. Maybe with its own contacts. If you want to just do PvE content, you can. You want to do a mix of PvE and PvP, you can. Want to do just PvP, you can. It'll offer more for players to do besides just Fight Club, Waterfront, Financial or loitering in Social. Imagine how interesting it would be to have a district devoted to Saints Row or GTA styled Story Missions with their own rewards and contacts separate from the ones in Financial or Waterfront. EDIT: Or maybe even have Story District versions of Financial or Waterfront. So players are playing against AI in SR or GTA styled Story Missions and getting use to the Financial and Waterfront maps at the same time. Wouldn't have to make new contacts and rewards, so it would shorten the time needed to make such districts by a small amount. Don't get me wrong, AI stuff is always going be hard. I make my own games as a hobby and I know the difficulties that go into designing AI.
  3. @darok70 First, I apologize for the length of some of my posts. I suffer from several mental disabilities and mental disorders, including Asperger's Syndrome, so sometimes it's hard for me to stop when I'm explaining things and I wind up going and going and often over-explain and my original meaning gets lost somewhere as my mind goes into an entirely different tangent. Secondly, Dropping the discussion about a tutorial district because it's obvious that's going nowhere, as we're clearly both too stubborn with our own views and want really listen to what the other is trying to say on the matter. In regards to the 'shooters aren't your thing' comment, I played a lot of shooters. Planetside 1 and 2, the Battlefield Franchise (my favorite shooter franchise and I'm still active in Battlefield 3 for PC) and Medal of Honor. In RPG Shooters, I enjoy a lot of Fallout 3, NV and 4 as well as all of the Borderlands games. My issue is I'm use to the more fast pace shooters that I played a crap ton of when I was growing up. Doom, Wolfenstein 3D, Quake, Unreal Tournament and so on. Now for the main portion of this post, the Mentor System I suggested. There aren't any games that do it exactly how I described it. City of Heroes had a Mentor System. It didn't reward veterans for taking in new players. Instead it allowed veteran players to team up with new players. This would increase the new player's stats (but not their level) so they could do higher level content with the veteran, gaining boosted xp while doing so. Since City of Heroes and APB: Reloaded aren't in the same genre of MMO and leveling works differently in APB: Reloaded, the way CoH handled it would be piss poor in APB. World of Warcraft has the Recruit A Friend system. Give someone your referral code and when they sign up then you both get boosted XP when teaming together. This could kinda work in APB, but remove the referral code maybe. Make it so when a veteran player created a premade team/group with one or more new players, all players get a boost to the cash and contact points. However, I can see this being exploited by someone making a bunch of fake accounts for a friend to help boost their friend or some shit. Then again, systems like these can always be exploited. The City of Heroes one was used to level alts instead of leveling players brand new to the game. Apparently Destiny 2 rewards veteran players for helping new players, but I haven't given a try. Maybe we can wait and see what Monster Hunter World: Iceborne does? As, according to an article I found, apparently they're going to implement incentives for helping new players catch up to the newest content. Article link here: https://www.pcgamer.com/monster-hunter-world-iceborne-will-reward-players-who-help-others-catch-up/ Like I said though, often times people will look for ways to take advantage or exploit such systems.
  4. I've played Played Planetside 2. The tutorial did NOTHING to help me when I started out in 2015. I still got slaughtered by other players. I only got better with dedication. Stationary targets DO NOT HELP. Moving AI or shooting range targets that do not fight back, as many other shooters do in their tutorials, DO NOT HELP. With Green Districts as they are currently, bronze players can go into them and that will help as they are players more skilled than green/trainees. If we stick all the players who are new to the game into the same map, not allowing bronze or higher players to join, guess what we get. A bunch of new players only skilled at fighting new players. So now they think they're Sir McBadass Badasssington the 3rd and when they start fighting more skilled players...you know what happens, they get their patootie kicked. They run into the same difficulty wall current newbies in this game run into. What you are suggesting is making new players feel good about themselves before laughing as they get their asses handed to them by current players. The fact of the matter is this. In a PVP oriented game like Planetside 2, APB: Reloaded and so on, NOTHING will prepare new players for the storm they are about to walk into. You can cuddle them. You can try and make the transition as easy as possible. They're still going to get their asses kicked by more skilled players. They're still going to fuzzy bunny about tryhards and people more skilled about them. If getting their asses kicked by better players will cause them to leave the game, guess what....they're STILL going to leave the game, tutorial map or not. Let's focus on another aspect here. We take all the new players and put them in a smaller Fight Club sized map. Now they go to Financial Bronze or Waterfront Bronze. Now what? Bigger map. Players with more skills. More open spaces. Hell, all the sniping that is possible in Waterfront. Now, on top of tossing them into a tutorial map that only had them preparing against other new players and AI/NPC targets that don't fight back, we're tossing them into a larger map with greater distances among objectives and more points, on both Financial and Waterfront, to snipe or camp from. Now, I'm not against helping new players but your suggestion might do more harm than good. I'm bolding this paragraph because I feel it is the most important one in this post. What I believe should be done is a Mentor System. Say we have players that are at least 100 Ranking and Silver or Gold Threat. These players can op in to be Mentors. They will be teamed up with a Green or Bronze threat player of 99 or less ranking. The Mentor gets bonuses for playing with their new apprentice. The better the player being mentored does, the greater the bonuses the Mentor get. It encourages veteran players to help new players out more without overly cuddling the new players. City of Heroes, before NCSoft closed it down, had such a system in place and it did a lot more good for new players than the tutorial system did. Right now, veteran players simply have no reason to teach new players how to play the game. A Mentor System will give them a reason. In the end, this will help a lot more than just making a new player only district, as it helps new players improve their skills by giving them a veteran player to coach them and incentivising skilled players to do so.
  5. 1. There's already basic tutorials in the game. Ones that give some pretty nice rewards once you complete everything. Free vehicle, free 10 day weapon and free permanent weapon to name a few. 2. Green Districts are suppose to serve this purpose. Maybe after the merger, there will be more than enough people to get a decent pop in them. There's a reason why only Bronze and Green players can get into Green Districts. 3. Playing against NPCs wont help someone learn how to play the game. Even if they're just their for target practice, it wont help at all. Especially if they're stationary. APB is a Player vs Player game. You're playing against other players. NPCs can't replicate how players would react to situations. Stationary NPCs wont help a new player learn how to use a gun since players are almost always constantly moving. Just saying. Do the tutorials we already have and play matches against other players. If we get lucky, new players will be able to go into Green Districts and learn to get better again.
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