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  1. Sadira as GM? Oh lord, the chaos that will come after... I can only imagine. Just kidding. +1 for Sadira
  2. Yeah, I even tried restarting my PC figured game was bugged, still had to do manual login.
  3. I know you posted this statement some time ago, but actually companies like Blizzard take legal action against cheaters in their games, and in some countries those found hacking games can actually be persecuted and sent to jail for it.
  4. I for one am happy to see the bigshot clans making a come back. I remember seeing Wasp, Evocati, Fever Clan, War Games, Ballistic back in OBT and was hella fun. Best of luck to you guys.
  5. You guys do open groups? Curious to give your teams a test run see what's all the buzz about.
  6. It's pretty easy to say that with BattleEye soon being put into the game, it will be much harder for cheaters to get away with it for such a long period of time. You can have all the anti-cheat in the world and cheaters will try to find a way around it. End of story, there's no permanent solution to the cheating problem we have in the gaming community. Someone will always cheat. If you can't be satisfied with having the cheating at the very least reduced, you will never find a game you enjoy that is online. Plain and simple.
  7. They're all the same, I had the Condor a long time ago and got another which I gave to a friend. Me and him kind of called it the "New ATAC" since it's accuracy and spread is very similar to that of an ATAC. All in all, only real difference is the name.
  8. I was sitting in middle gas station in Waterfront when packets hit then I get kicked the hell out, and proceed to join other districts and get kicked out too.
  9. Loving this communication from you and your team at LO. Keep up the great work.
  10. There is still some lag spikes on Jericho, I've been playing Waterfront and have fallen off ledges and teleported from behind cover more times than I can count.
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