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  1. Unfortunaly, most of APB players don't care about your bad feelings for them. As they don't care when they hack, glitch or use lame tactics to win. Restricting weapons is similar to modify entire gameplay, all weapons are part of the game.
  2. 4v4 clan matches would be full of lame tactics players and cheaters, remember, no active admin on this game. (I know, they are "invisible", but considering the number of hackers that still lives on this game, admins aren't just active at all...) A district server locked is pretty useless, simple example : just recreate an account to access these districts and have fun farming newbies, this game is free-to-play isn't it ?
  3. Certainly not. 8 years without any qualitative update, it won't happen today.
  4. Useless topic, but i'll still take time to give my point of view : Same for every EU player. No changes since 2011, no com from admins (when they exists). Nobody knows. But old game owners were specialists in finding excuses so... Nobody knows.
  5. @CookiePuss Exactly. I still remember playing 2 golds (me and a friend of mine) vs 7 bronzies/silvers. And it was recurrent. EDIT : We obviously couldn't call for back-up.
  6. @postalgril You're saying this as we, golds, had the choice of our opposition, which is wrong. Unfortunaly, for the moment, threat segregation is disabled so you won't be able to avoid golds. The only thing that would make the game easier for bronzies is a fair matchmaking, but matchmaking killed himself when Gamersfirst released the new threat system at the end of 2011... Threat segregation appreared to counter a poorly-designed matchmaking, but it never worked as intented and has always been a painful issue for APB players. I still remember facing 4 or 5 silvers / bronzies while playing solo with the old matchmaking system, which never happened to me in 7 years with actual threat system, i'd now face only 2 or 3 silvers/bronzies, which is unfair and stupid. Nuff' said.
  7. Config ? Which GPU are you using ? Are your GPU drivers up to date ?
  8. rSyk

    N-TEC 5 SD ?

    Title says it all. Why not ? Would be very easy to do and still not in-game. PS : I know that there is already the VAS 'Crown' similar to N-TEC SD, but L85 (real weapon VAS is based on) is ugly as f*ck.
  9. Any computer able to run APB with more than stable 144fps during gunfights ? (without potato graphics modifications i mean) Moreover, FPS instability would highly degrade your game experience, trust me. The best to do is to keep your FPS capped at a correct framerate depending on your PC specs, so your FPS rate won't do something like 150->90->120->70 which is a pain in the *ss when trying to aim.
  10. Bloody Mary is very hard to play with, as the others UL3. You need a complete mag to kill because servers are temporarly far away and so hitboxes are a little bit displaced when enemy is moving (because of latency). Yesterday, i just couldn't hit an enemy with my Scout (some of them litteraly get through ennemies without hitmarks) on mission districts while i was perfectly hitting enemies on FC's (lowest latency due to less players on the instance : ~65ms for me while getting ~105ms on mission districts). And this happens even with my 1Gbps symetric optic fiber network. I'm a regular UL3 'Jersey Devil' player, and the only way i found to hit ennemies is to aim with sight and burst-fire on them when the distance between me and them is >5m. This weapon is restricted to very experienced players as it needs a perfect aim and burst fire control. A single fail in your shoot and you die. As Kevkof said, Bloody Mary needs 12 shots to kill, and is not broken. Servers are.
  11. rSyk

    General Protection Fault

    @gordIsMyName Actually not. General Protection Fault error still remains on this game since its release. It mostly happens when a running thread is trying to access reserved memory addresses. EDIT : The C++ crash error happens because the process is trying to call a pure virtual method, which is normally impossible because a pure virtual method should be redefined in classes that inherits from it and cannot be directly called by the code.
  12. rSyk

    General Protection Fault

    Please post your PC configuration or something that might helps people getting clues.
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