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  1. None of the people above have a clue what they're talking about. Keep it up little orbit. I think after weapon changes, you should look into character mods.
  2. maybe u should improve at the game than to whine and cry like a little baby
  3. yeah it gets me killed constantly because my bloom opens up
  4. if u go out of your way to recreate a new trainee account to farm trainees and bronzes then I feel bad for u Also 4v4 clan matches could restrict certain weapons like explosives (opgl,etc)
  5. After engine upgrade drops this game needs a leaderboards mmr system with a ranked district locked to soloQ only ranked grants 30% more exp and apb$ add 4v4 Clan matches for g1c *this could be a monthly thing* Add a district server locked to lvl 9 to 40 for Ts and bronzes Balance weapons Np matt scott
  6. Hopefully in the engine upgrade it is uncapped. I saw a pic of matt scott once ingame and his game was at like 160fps
  7. what makes u think apb esports is possible if my fps is capped at 146
  8. there is anticheat, no body cares enough to cheat... and if u do it will be obvious and come to the light, most players are just better than you
  9. Hello Uhtred, thank you for your interest but my game is capped at the highest fps which is 145
  10. I currently own a ASUS ROG 300hz monitor that isn't currently being sold and my pc is good enough to run the game at the highest fps possible. Thank U scott
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