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  1. oscarism333

    2 Player Vehicles

    i really would like to see a wasteland Bus Scenic Route with many clones/players on board!!!
  2. oscarism333

    "Make Factions Matter"

    i like the choose two allies twist idea A LOT!!!
  3. oscarism333


    Fix small femme toon hitbox pvp Expliot!
  4. oscarism333


    u suck aroa DUDE POWER
  5. oscarism333

    Fallen Earth Harvesting Event 2018 PVP

    More dudes please and male VITALITY AND FOCUS! My male toon will overpower,outmatch all femme toons played by men or women,being male IRL and playing always as one with Mighty male PRIDE!My male natural Warrior instincts to kill little gal toons motivates my superior male combat skillz and little girls IRL DIE under real combat duress in general i am pretty sure.My hope is FE reflects reality in combat and more male players find their B**LS enough to play male PVP.