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    I have an enf group you might be interested to join. My steam is http://s.team/p/tvf-kjhv/VRKHTBBH
  2. Based on the idea of RIOT, I think it is possible to incorporate zombie battles in APB as its future contents, where random people in the streets are replaced by zombies that automatically attack players. The idea is that as the number of players get less, more and more zombies will pop up in the streets. So instead of closing down the zones in the map, players are gradually overwhelmed by zombies. Their goal is to get to a safe spot where they can be evacuated from the city, just like the ending to the RIOT mode. The only challenge is to program the zombies (previously pedestrians) in the streets to attack player.
  3. The SWAT team was ambushed. Two out of five men barely made out alive,. Not being able to retrieve the bodies of the fallen comrades, the terrorists scavenged the body armors, vests and whatever equipment those soldiers had on them. My next post will feature more details on the ambush.
  4. Mission failed. Terrorists win. SWAT members KIA.
  5. Why not join my group. We also have opportunities for members to win armas outfit pack. add me on steam http://s.team/p/tvf-kjhv/VRKHTBBH
  6. soldierchris

    Frensh clan

    Yes. Let me know if you wanna join. My steam account http://s.team/p/tvf-kjhv/VRKHTBBH we train and provide free tactical style uniforms to new recruits.
  7. Hey, I’m looking to team up with any enforcer, new or experienced, who is willing to shape their character into buff tactical cops and role play fighting crime. I will make them free tactical outfits. Of course, having already purchased tactical gears from Armas would be preferred. The clan is mainly for players seeking role play. Easy to join and no requirement on past experience as our members are willing to mentor new recruits. Interested? Add me on steam http://s.team/p/tvf-kjhv/VRKHTBBH
  8. Zombie, Tell me which part you think is erotic in this piece of fan art?
  9. Innocent? C’mon, your not innocent Kinks can change over time.
  10. It’s not only the buff body. It’s the uniform as well! Don’t tell me this doesn’t turn you on.
  11. Sign up 1. Name: meatycop 2. Faction: Enf 3. Clan: n/a 4. Country: USA 5. Gender: M
  12. Looking for players interested to team up and play as sexy alpha males in military outfits. Ideally available for ERP!
  13. The new Halloween event sounds exciting. Anyone know if the zombies actually attack players or what?
  14. Recent game called “scum” had the ability of crawling and unarmed combat, such as a knife or stone, or even an empty gun. I think it would be a great addition to Apb as well. With crawling l, you developers can add more accessible areas in the exiting maps too!
  15. Facial expression of pain or happiness is great!
  16. Not you. Why? You bias against me?
  17. I do ERP. What are you looking for?
  18. I noticed with heavier weight and higher muscularity, my char tends to sustain more bullet damages than the skinnier counterpart. But the damage from explosives and car hit remain the same.
  19. Wait, you didnt get turned on by this? That’s quite a turn on for me. lol....
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