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  1. questions about it, if i lost my phone. i am able to recover my account? and i also will get recovery codes before setting the 2FA on my account?
  2. This patch would be happen rn, or in few weeks
  3. all reskins like ffa r&d , dart, bolt will be nerfed too ?
  4. 3D glasses kewl, and I also like the clothes from schoolgirl pack, well I also like cargo short pants
  5. Well, remote detonator deserve to be nerfed since many peoples hates it
  6. 50 unreleased missions is all? or there few that they are not tested yet
  7. I am glad to hear that you improving the balance of missions, but I didn’t like the changes on weapons and health of cars
  8. Wait, I don’t get it, the open beta is delayed? Or same time
  9. When we will get the premium, I want spend my money when there is a discount .
  10. And what does that mean ? I need explanations
  11. Wtf, why 6 hours if it is a normal maintenance
  12. nice symbols I can say tbh, I don’t see the point why you doing every Wednesday maintenance without reason or without any major updates .
  13. Alright, idk why I saw today the gold district is almost full
  14. please fix the spawns. we tired to take always cars. remove shitty weapons like: rsa with scope/harbinger. that's all. the rest was fine
  15. bruh, i am still lagging, nothing would be better....
  16. which time the event is going to start
  17. Stay safe everyone! Don’t let the strangers or someone to touch you, always wash your hands!. Matt, thanks for free premium, now I can rank up my Crim faster!
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