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  1. i know ill get hate for this but its as close as it gets gta online
  2. you got a true warrior right here, respect.
  3. @Keshi I dont find it ugly, its just that everyone wanted me to get some CUV over a car, and i just tend to find most CUVs ugly, a lot of them dont even provide as much space as you think, even compared to sedans, they also tend to look like a lifted hatchback which doesn't look very appealing
  4. oh yes i can now stroke my epeen.
  5. i do wish they put commas on to things so its harder to scam people.
  6. @SLICKIEM Yeah it does, the car doesn't like corners, but i live in America, corners are hardly a thing here
  7. this game died many times or atleast its been thought so, yet here we still are.
  8. mpg kinda sucks, its a V8, its heavy, its more practical than the ugly CUVS out there, it has more than enough power to smoke most kids in their subbies and bmws if you get bored, i can fit a few bodies in the trunk, i can also bend down the rear seats if i need to deliver a coffin or two, I got the awd model on top of that too so if i want to, i can take it to the snow without a problem. Car is great.
  9. yeah man how hard is it to just move out of the way of bullets, if everyone listened, no one would die. So simple!
  10. touchscreens are becoming increasingly distracting, just like a smart phone, i really hate it when they hide standard controls like volume and heater/ac controls under tabs, making you more distracted than basic controls like that should, which makes the cars officially less safe. Eitherway i rather own the things so then i can do w.e i want with it later if i ever wish to do such a thing while also not having to pay for driving the thing aside from the other bills that already comes with just driving a car.
  11. how do you know he's new he doesn't
  12. last i checked teslas aren't smart, just high prestige with low reliability, like a bmw. (possibly worse) good luck when that warranty runs out.
  13. nah, i doubt a hybrid can be that compact, im pretty sure that thing on 4 wheels is just pure combustion and the civic i just compared it to isnt even hybrid
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