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  1. Cheater weapons... lol, any weapon will be suitable for a cheater, they can force you into the range they want. You're a silver playing vs gold, dont expect to do much. They're ranked higher than you for a reason, you still need to play more and learn more.
  2. I'm sure they are, this community has never been a shining beacon of hope or love. But to be fair, they just like RTW and G1 have brought much of this on themselves. It's been quite some time and this engine upgrade that was supposed to be their top priority still hasn't seen much of any light outside of some beta tests. I'll admit that taking over for RTW and G1 I'm sure is anything but simple. But this is what they said they would do, and to be honest they have not delivered. So they can be displeased with the community all they want. But to be fair, they had the best chance to be loved by this community and so far have failed to capitalize. RTW was despised since the beginning for charging for a beta, G1 was despised before they even bought APB. Sure the game is "dead" compared to its prime, but people still play and have been waiting for quite some time for this engine upgrade. Sadly the upgrade will likely not be enough as it will be updating a 2008 game to 2012, which is still nearly a decade old. Instead of wasting all this time dicking around with G1s shit heap of code, they should have just started over. Use UE4 and rebuild it. I doubt the difference in work load would have been so drastically different when you could still use assets and any ideas you want. And its notboike they haven't basically Redone nearly every single part of the game just to get it to fit into the 3.5 version of UE. Whoever's in the charge of the game seems to constantly make poor decisions about how to proceed. I appreciate the work that went into the engine upgrade but I was waiting for this what seems like a half a decade ago. I've seen indie projects get announced and developed and released in this time period by single person development teams. The progress has been glacial at best and I'd wager many in my position have just given up. I have zero desire to return anymore, I have no reason to believe this upgrade will alleviate the major issues the game has. Let alone that it will be even finished before the years end. They can be pissed all the want, they chose to buy this IP, they chose to pursue the engine upgrade, they chose to try to pump life back into a dead and old game. The saying goes "if you cant stand the heat, then get the fuck out the kitchen".
  3. Games been out for 10 years or something like that... and people still haven't realised this. It's almost like people who play games in nearly every case know less than developers. Who would have thought lol. Not to mention, literally the entirety of that person's post is just trash. Not even hot trash, that shit is ice cold trash. People are so naive they dont even think about the cost it takes for someone to "monitor" all the people the scrub patootie bronzes claim are cheating. Not to mention people are such children they expect a permanent ban for anyone who upset them. As Cookie said, other than cheating and maybe selling stuff for money IRL, theres nothing I'm aware of that's a for sure 100% first offense ban. And now were at the real issue that plagues this game. Most players are in fact dog shit at this game. Most have very little understanding of why top tier gold players are so much better than them (and no I don't mean cheaters, but anyone who's a low gold or below thinks anyone that's a top gold is hacking their asses off). Most players lack the mental capacity to engage in a game that has such a wide array of tools and options to properly deal with all of said tools and options. Thus if someone else thought of something unique, its cheating, or of it's not "the norm" they are try hard losers. Everyone in this game just wants to hate each other. And it's easy to do when one person can literally run a game like it's the NBA. I cant recall a team based shooter game that can have a single player have such a large impact on the outcome of the match as this game. Bad players will always look to soften the blow to their ego, and the easiest way to do so, is to discredit the opposition. If they used cheats or glitches, or whatever excuse the ego needs to make, then it doesnt actually count. In their mind, they have been no only avenged but they think that they actually won something for "being more honorable". This. Min TTK is around 0.7 seconds for most weapons. If you were getting min TTKed consistently you'd hardly be able to even notice you got shot the first time. Most cases you'd not be able to react more than a step in game. Also any shooter that doesnt want its spread data hacked, puts that data server side. So the claim that no other game does this, is once again completely false. Anything to protect the ego. Bads will remain bad.
  4. Skill gaps between real gold level players and fringe gold tier players has always been the issue with this. Low gold players aren't as good as the players who are high golds, and those high golds also tend to roll in groups with their friends/clan making the skill gap even greater. Then there is the population issue, without enough high golds in the same district there won't be good matchmaking, leaving the low golds to face what seems like cheater group after cheater group when actually their just really communicating and just more skilled. Without a proper population and enough highly skilled players to match against eachother there will always be a problem. Grouped teams should get priority to grouped teams to start with, pub stomping isn't very fun; even for the team stomping. Matching by threat works only if there's enough people of the corresponding threat in the same district to even matchmake. Then there is the dynamic aspect of missions are always going to be staggered. As in, one group will always finish a mission before another leading to matchmaking having to draw from a smaller pool. Perhaps a dynamic matchmaking across all similar districts could work, but I'd imagine all the leading into and out of districts would drive people insane. So unfortunately there's no real way around this without a larger and more responsible population.
  5. Ban statistics are hollow without names. With names every one who's hackusating will then have a place to go and see their cheater claims aren't being banned and create a shit storm. It's not a good idea imo to release who's being banned because all the people who complain about cheaters infesting the game will never get their confirmation and begin crusades against players. When in actual reality most of these players haven't grasped the meta yet, while most of those being hackusated have. The difference in skill between the two in this game is harsh.
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