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  1. A proper AR-15. ATAC gun model is good but the gun itself was made bad. Feels like a weak SMG instead of a powerful AR.
  2. Just bought 13000 G1C, the price 1$=1 G1C still valid.
  3. moirai needs to stop clipping wheels into the floor, and fix for reverse being too slow
  4. What do you think the best vechicle is and why? (Vechicles added to the poll are the ones that are generally most used) I personally believe its gonna be Seiyo Espacio. I just love its design.
  5. Actually is, tried ignoring ingame, player doesent exist. Lol.
  6. Favorite: M1922 MK3 - fun to play, honestly underestimated gun. Good damage, if used correctly can be used up to 50m combat Least Favorite: ATAC Patroller - i literally have 17x of them thanks to joker power boxes. The gun is nothing special , feels kind of Weak.
  7. If you took a trial of Temptress or Cap40 moments pre update, they would remain permanent in your inventory with no timer.
  8. Runs fine for me on windows 11. Stable 250-330 fps.
  9. Well if it supports this game living on, let it be
  10. Most of people like him behave like this ingame, then cry for their 7 day bans: (Names censored to comply with name and shame) Spam whispers you how you are cheating, then ignores you. I just feed them the good old ez.
  11. > including a very popular retro accessory that makes all 2D things a matter of past Oh cool i wasted 130 EUR for no reason. Merged. Also question; @Ritual why is AR-97 Misery removed from armas?
  12. APB support seems to be disabled now, since whenever im trying to log in to make a ticket, i get prompted to Register
  13. As someone who made countless apb customizations and designs for myself with a overlay, i can tell you this: The safest monitor overlay software you can use is Rainmeter. I've been using it ever since it's first release and its a fantastic tool to have overlays, widgets, anything you basically want on your screen.
  14. Theres a whole zip file of new and old assets u can find it on the main discord.
  15. let me list this off. - fixing the main game so they can port it to the new engine Werent we doing this?
  16. Heres how it could work. Option A: Have a option to disable it, at own risk, if you're scammed or hacked, purely your fault. Option B: Require 2FA enabled on the account to disable it automatically, that way your account is also safer! Its getting annoying to have windows updates , pc compontent changes, windows reinstalls , adobe creative cloud install , initiate a trade cooldown. yes i dont know why, but AC Creative cloud makes you have a trade cooldown.
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