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  1. Alyiah

    Some idea's

    Besides the lag, what is a huge issue, I think uniting the server at a few locations is important also. Action attracts people, also new people!
  2. Alyiah

    Some idea's

    Hey! This game has many issues. I'm sure LO is aware of it. First of all, I think the warp/lag issue has to be fixed. In another post there was a short term solution which might work. Force /timesync every x amount of minutes. This shouldn't be too hard (I suppose) to be done. It does reduce the warp/lag you see on screen from another player slightly, but every bit counts. In the long run there should be a more permanent fix on the warp/lag issue. It makes PvP legit horrible. It are not some little lag issues, more like a player warping around all over your screen. I hope LO knows that this is a big issue. Second, I think there should be something done on reuniting the community. As I remember most people are just jumping on tents, waiting for bloodsport. This of course is not how this game is supposed to be. My suggestion about this is making PvP-zones, keeps and harvesting worth it again. This game has a very nice lore, however PvP-zones is where end-game used to be. I would recommend to make one PvP zone (personal favorite is the District) optimized. FE has many PvP-zones which are empty. One or Two PvP-zones should be enough to not split the community too much. -If keeps would provide some sort of buffs keeps might be worth it. Like every x amount of keeps give you a higher tier buff. Like higher DT (deathtoll) gain, x% higher speed that your harvester drop nodes. The faster drop rate of nodes from harvesters might make it for PvE'ers and PvP'ers more attractive to harvest again. -Maybe improving the amount DT you gain in PvP zones might make it more interesting for PvP'ers to PvP in a PvP-zone instead of just doing bloodsport. -Make factions important! Back in the game a lot of people were bound by their faction. Nowadays a lot of people just fight for their clan, this isn't something bad, tho. However, in PvP-zones you do fight for your faction. Often you will notice people do fight their own faction just for the sake of PvP. In some other games I have been playing there are some systems with "Faction ranks". As example you can fight for your rank or simply use a vote system depending on the faction lore. Within Chota and Trav a fight system where the winner wins the rank or where your rank can be challenged could be totally awesome. Just looking at the faction's lore. This could make people more determined to fight for their faction. In case, this gives non PvP'ers an unfair advantage, however it would follow the lore of the game! The PvP-community is an important aspect in this game. If there would be no PvP'ers, crafters would have less jobs! This is of course my opinion. Another thing which crossed my mind. Make more bosses like the gore bosses. It does unite people to fight a boss. Introduce new items, gear or weapons which need items from special (strong/non solo/duo-able) bosses. I would recommend that you do still need a lot of DT to create those things, so that PvP-zones attract multiple types of players. Since PvP-zones are in this game for more reasons than just to fight. For just some simple mindless fighting there is bloodsport. I hope the LO will read this and that the community would add some more idea's! Greetings!
  3. Alyiah

    This caught my attention..

    It gives a man hope after seeing one of the most unique games going from a very addictive game to a: 'jump on a tent and wait for bloodsport all day while being bored' game. Since @MattScott even take personal interest in little things like this role play mission, I have good hopes this game can be revived! You can make a game as perfect as you want, but in the end it are the little things which make the game!
  4. Alyiah

    This caught my attention..

    @MattScott, there used to be so many great player made events in the old days! I noticed the crafter market is still around (not sure, since I'm still waiting to be able to log in). In the old days there used to be pvp events at the crafter market, fashion shows and of course a place for people to sell their stuff. Which would attract all types of players. Usually the rewards were from the hosts themself. It was (or is) fun to see how a lot of players would come to the location were it was held and would participate in the different "events". There is or rather used to be strong rp community who used to do plenty of these "missions" where they would roleplay missions like what you mentioned. In s2 there were some events to learn players the basics. Myself I had a s2 pvp char in the dump with my own "lowbie" clan to teach new people how the harvesters work, how pvp works, etc. I would make harvester events for who were interested. Often this attracted also pvp players who wanted to steal the loot, so this usually was fun! Sadly, at max level the people who harvested were often crafters (easily killed by pvpers) and at some point pvpers noticed deathtoll is more profitable, so the pvp area's got a little empty. They often would jump around on a tent all day waiting for bloodsports to start. I remember years ago in the district there often were harvest events where clan/faction members would go together to harvest and protect them self against pvpers or just to have fun. Would be so great if LO could make a pvp zone worth it again! That it would be worth it to fight for you faction, the keeps, harvest and just to be around in the pvp zones. Personally, I'd advice to optimize one pvp zone (the district perhaps) because, it isn't that all the other 100 pvp zones are overcrowded. More pvp zones would split the community. Anyways, this is a great game with a very nice lore! If LO puts some time in it and let the community help them with idea's this game can be one of a kind. *It already is!* As in any game the community has it bright side and dark side, but I'm certain the community love(d) this game as many years later it is still unique and surprisingly fun!
  5. Alyiah


    The automatic timesync would be useful indeed, as this fixes a lot of lag issues. However, if you have bad internet.. you'll remain laggy or warp around (But the automatic time sync might solve it a little bit. Sadly, this is an issue with all type of servers. I wonder if the hitbox issue is easily fixed.. no clue about that. I must add! Maybe some of the "issues" make the game as it is and give it the unique feel and maybe the accomplished feel when you defeat someone warpy or with 8x6. Their reputation, to be honest .. if you're a proud max reso user, (myself I use a little lower reso, only because of fps reaons, but literally a little, little lower), you usually gain more respect by the server. Also, let's be honest, those "exploiters", max reso users and whatever.. the typical good pvpers beated them no problem.
  6. Hey! The title pretty much says it. I know it is a silly, little thing. However, it would be neat if it is lockable. So that you don't need to press the box the whole time to manual log in without steam!