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  1. Might want to join the FE Discord, it's been fairly active and there is a build channel there. https://discord.gg/97Pb8Jm2
  2. Pick one weapon type and crafter. FE doesn't lend itself very well to people who want to try and do everything. Also, pay attention to the skill point cut-offs (you have 196 First Aid, but only need 186 or 192 for max skills). You also don't take into account auras and shirts that add skill points as well, that can save you up to 40 points to spend elsewhere.
  3. Last time I had to contact Support, I was trying to redeem a code and was getting an error that wouldn't let me claim the item. That took about a month to get straightened out. Wish I had better news, but we are probably still dealing with a small team with other priorities re: fixing code, etc.
  4. Bump! We are still actively recruiting!
  5. The information about that bunker I gave to Ella was regarding that very mission, since I still have it on Vinnie and have not been able to finish it.
  6. WTH are you talking about? They did not remove clan vaults.
  7. Discord has a search function in the top right corner, just search for Ella there. If nothing else, you'll be able to click her name and send a message.
  8. I want to address this one because it pertains to me the most. Prior to G1 randomizing the harvesting nodes, people knew you could go to a certain area to harvest specific item(s). There was no need for vendors to sell these crafting items because you had a steady supply. I had dozens of waypoints for harvesting spots. In one patch, all that went away. With the randomized nodes, you no longer had the supply chain. Crafters couldn't find enough items to craft, gatherers couldn't find enough items to make their cash that way. It was simply a quick and necessary fix for something that they messed up in the first place. If we could go back to the old non-randomized harvesting, I'd say you have a legitimate point. As it stands right now though, it's a necessary evil.
  9. At this point, I'd just be happy if they made the Metal Head tradeable. Still, some of what you listed would be cool too.
  10. Why? Aside from the fact that FE has only one server to begin with, you literally have to make a conscious decision to enter a PvP zone.
  11. Can't give you any advice on a computer since mine is way older than yours. I can tell you that this is the Fallen Earth forum and not APB.
  12. Yeah, they didn't get rid of the old food items, but you can still use them to craft. If you hover over an item, it'll say what it can be used in place of. Correct on the vault slots, only usable once. I'm a bit fuzzy on the clan thing, but you needed 10 people to form the clan. Once it became "established", which was tied to a certain amount of activity IIRC, then you didn't need the 10 people to stay. If nothing else, you can always use the mail system to transfer items between characters.
  13. There has been some consolidation with all the food items that used to be required. They are still tiered, but it's now just generic items like fruit and vegetables. No more holding onto tomatoes, peppers, potatoes, lemons, etc. You can now also craft some Sector/Barter vault expanders. These require all the "General" crafting books if you plan to make the components yourself (and 195 crafting in everything). Construction 195 (and the General Construction book) is needed to make the actual expanders.
  14. Definitely something strange going on, just logged in to this in my chat window.
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