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  1. فوكينق كنتس اي دونت نييد قووقل
  2. I recently upgraded my computer and i got the "Trade Lock: 7days" message , i thought it only works for the trade system , but no seems like i was wrong , it blocks you from sending mails / trading / and Using the market place (Buying / Selling Stuff). Now the question is: -is the trade lock really a good idea ? I wonder if it can really help players "protect" their accounts, i think its completely useless , the trade system is already there and does the job , so is there a real need for trade lock ? , also not being able to Mail/ Put item on market & Trade is really bad, theres people that are in social most of the time and with this feature added it will just worsen the game.
  3. im pretty sure its not my net , im also getting afked randomly and i lost some themes a cause of dc's right now : /
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