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  1. There are too little players to make threat segregation work anymore. We need to start bridging the gap between the higher skilled players and the lower skilled ones. And one way is to look at how we can unlock the essential arsenal of weapons and vehicles for the newer players earlier and much faster. Secondly, I've been playing this game since 2012/2013, and my main observation of the people who complains about removal of threat segregation are that they are also often the ones that dethreat so they could fight easier opposition. Threat segregation has only truly hurt the really good players as there are not enough people within gold ranks to play amongst themselves unless you fancy playing against the same 2 teams all night. We need to remove the threat icon, and start using hidden mmr. Revo also mentioned a really good idea of disabling 'unready' in action district which is worth exploring. All these combined with a full arsenal unlocked, newer/less-skilled players would be able to fight on fairer grounds.
  2. I have no premium. And i feel that customisation is at the right place. I do feel compelled to buy premium after returning to the game on my new account. Thats how the game should work. I think you're being really rude dismissing other people by saying they are salty but you're a cheapo trying to get free things without supporting the game. The idea of APB staying afloat on cosmetic is friggin wonderful, stay off our weapons, less joke boxes, etc. Yet you are only concerned about yourself getting free slots smh
  3. I have been using logitech mouse and driver software to remap my mouse keys for nades etc, I have no issue with battle eye in any of the games that requires it. Its probably something else.
  4. I think its the applicability of the percs in cqc that makes them really annoying over yolo, if I fought and lost to someone yolo nading me, I can think of other ways of how to approach that fight, adapt and maybe improve, like everything else in APB the decision making process is a huge part of the game. But percs..... theres just no way, I felt like Ive been robbed of countless fights because of percs. Good point on its limited utility, I feel that nading cars and stuff are really not worth it unless you carry a conc since most players run pioneer or vegas in matchups that has actual competition, where the nade usage are more important..
  5. I dont disagree but based on your logic on fuse timer, wouldn't that make percs deadlier? I feel that yolo can be nerfed slightly, but percs needs a complete rework. It needs a delay before you can throw it.
  6. Maybe not the best place to post this but, I was running 2 accounts the other day off advance launcher and they both have different graphical settings(same launcher), I tried to re-save the settings on the advance launcher but both accounts seem to have different settings, have anyone encountered this? I was hoping to run the same settings for both accounts.
  7. It is still the number one go to macro for triggerbots and other cheats I wont mention here. Whatever you might need a macro for would probably not be as important as preventing the most common form of cheating to plague this game ever.
  8. Agreed. I went to do some research on how readily available the cheats are on APB to make a decision if its worth returning, and most of the AHK script kiddies are blocked. It takes a load off my mind to know that the most common triggerbot option is no longer available. Theres just tooooo many ways you can cheat with AHK. Prevention is better than crime
  9. I feel that the current limits are pretty restricted, however that gives incentive to premium membership. Overall i find it pretty reasonable. The game is already free to play, and most of the items that you need can be unlocked by playing, premium needs a good enough incentive and the customization is a huge draw, we should not change that.
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