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  1. Do we know when the servers will be up again? thanks
  2. As an oldplayer of the game, there is only one reason that i still playing this game. "Customazation" i really enjoy creating new outfits and buying cars and try my skills on designing. Apart from that i'm not gonna say that im still playing the game for PVP cause having a lot of kills and maxed roles, makes the game boring.Icant really find any specific reason without having a new goal to play the game!
  3. Of course i did. Its not even working properly, i dont wanna even talk about the range compare it to n-fas with cj3 on.
  4. Remove every shitty weapon from the game like ogre,volcano etc and let us play with the rest that is kinda balanced ( not at all) but its still much easier to face someone with shotgun for example JG instead of N-fas with cooling jacket 3 on it . Thanks!
  5. Contacting login server......... after 1 minute crash ( via gamersfirst)
  6. @Tappey According to the rules of LO hate speech dethreating etc are against the rules. Everytime that i log in to the game i meet people with negative behavior or doing whatever they can to destroy peoples game in order to satisfied their selfs probaply , and i see them online over and over again after so many reports and tickets that i have sent to support.Feel's pretty angry about it cause GM's aint online a lot of time during the day in order to take care of people that refuse to follow the rules,.Community is one of the most important things that keep's a game alive and cause of this situation and a lot more that its not the right moment to talk about, players left the game. As i can see you are an old member here on forums that means you are an old player as well,in my opinion they will have to check out your problem for one more time before they decide whats gonna be the final decision. You deserve a second chance!
  7. @Tappey I read your topic about your BAN, to be honest with you this is the first time that i see someone complaining for that reason, people use to sell guns for skins that belongs to a different game or real money as well, cant remember any player that got banned for that reason maybe they just ignore it and move forward. Hope we will see you back to the game with your first account. Mistakes were made and even if you do that ( you said that you aint did it) it could be a warning instead of a permanent ban.
  8. @JWar LO is a company, you are just a player like all of us. That means that you aint gonna spend the same amount of money like a company but i can understand that your investments arent that great, mistakes were made. About what LO did, they already knew the situation that the game was before they purchased it but they give it a shot, im ok with that cause the game will stay up for a short time but as you can see it takes time to replace the current servers with new servers-data bases, basically more than it should be and thats what Alesia blankz is trying to say.
  9. One more thing to fix before servers come back online? Hope you gonna fix it today guys.
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