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  1. LOL, I know a long time veteran player, who is godly, and he has been temp-banned 4 times for the same offense. He was yet to be banned perm. I don't think Matt, will ever ban someone perm, even if that person continues to do wrong-doing.
  2. I know a kid that does that popular streamer, or so he thinks *wink He's real good with triggerbot, got it down, after all these years, to a science.
  3. So with configured triggerbots that fire with a delay between shots coupled with a hotkey, aren't a problem? Also it's not just a "few". So, many people trying to keep triggerbots viable... SO many coming out of the woodwork. If that person is using a duck, life is going to suck for you, or if they're using a jg, min ttk 2 pump champ.


    He had a modwich with cheese
  5. ai OYOBI heiwa

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    2. Tobii


      Don't change your comment just because you know it was stupid. 🙂

    3. AOSCMP


      lol what happened to your signature?

    4. Tobii


      Someone claimed to just shrug it off but looks like they didn't. ;)

  6. You never have anything constructive to say. I check your post, and of course it's the same shit. I have you blocked for a reason.
  7. It's about Player-made content, and player-made patches to fix APB
  8. but, anyway tobii, goes on my profile and down votes posts I make. Then he sends in tos or coc complaints to the mods, to penalize me. You forgot he was streaming that day too also, while the supposed hi-jacking LOL. Videos were deleted of gameplay that day.
  9. LOL, we've been hating on each other here, while we were cool in the past LOL
  10. koenigL in discord chicagomadepunk in crim armsofsorrow in enf
  11. Yeah we did, and we were cordial, I don't know what happened.
  12. Dont get me wrong I dont like you either... I just dont get the whole tattling thing. I concur, I whole-heartedly hate your guts too. Glad, you aren't in the fuckboy discord anymore. It's more peaceful now.
  13. He butt buddies with a certain person, that doesn't login on the forums. So Dobbi does his investigative work for him. i.e. filing bs reports
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