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  1. I'm sorry, but what? Effective range increased from 40m to 65m and minimum damage range increased from 65m to 76m? Are you literally trying to create a second Shredder ( If you even remember that mess ) scenario? And to pour even more salt on wound, it seems that you completely forgot the RSA and the ACT 44 when deciding what changes you were making on the RFP. You are literally making them even more obsolete as if they weren't already obsolete from before. You are also forgetting we still have the freaking RFP Fang with the IR3. And why are you even trying to make the RFP into a Long range secondary when it was always a close range secondary? If you really paid attention to what the community was complaining about the RFP, then you would know that the problem was never the TTK, but the range that it had. A while back the RFP received a ninja buff which buffed the effective range from 30m to 40m. This change is what sparked this whole debacle to begin with. The RFP Fang didn't really help much with the situation either, considering its has a preset mod with IR3. All you needed to do, was to revert the effective range buff back to 30m and maybe go on changing the preset mod of the RFP fang so it no longer have IR3. But instead you went the completely wrong way by making it into a 4 full bursts to kill and increasing the effective range even further, completely reworking a weapon from being a short range secondary into a long range secondary that makes the other long range secondaries obsolete
  2. I'm sorry, but i don't agree on making the RFP-9 a 4 round burst weapon. I agree with the fact that it needs a nerf, but i would very much prefer that it remained a 3 round burst secondary.
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