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  1. TheNightingale


    Jump kicking a door is not in the same league as some of the other exploits being abused. Indeed, it is so normal a thing that LO probably didn’t realise it came to be from yet another of reloaded’s screw-ups rather than part of intended mechanics. That said, how about allowing a satchel charge to blow open doors within a 2m radius?
  2. TheNightingale

    Not enough stored amo!

    As a 'veteran', you remember the old system. I never understood why they had limited ammunition if the intent wasn't to get people to remember to restock every now and then. Either you have had a common sense bypass, or your BMI exceeds your IQ. When you see your stock is getting low, resupply. It's not hard, but the previous admin made it simple probably because SIMPLE people who see themselves as special snowflakes were whining to them that resupplying was too hard for them to cope with.
  3. TheNightingale

    New Mid-September Update Blog

    Some people seem to have several, in the years I’ve never had a single opportunity to get the rare nanos. Would it not make sense to have the rare nano opportunity as a reward for say completing all the available joker ticket tasks in both districts, triggered by accepting the mission through an in game mail? That way it would be fairer.
  4. TheNightingale

    Titles and Fight Club fix!

    I got mine - though I am not really collecting them so I hadn’t realised I was missing any. thank you Lixil and your team.
  5. TheNightingale

    Population crisis.....

    Matched up a couple of days ago in silver district. 1 gold 2 silver 1 bronze, vs 4 gold premade. Until they fix matchmaking there is little point in trying to fix anything else because the other fixes are meaningless while matchmaking is a disaster since the data is skewed because of the bad matchmaking.
  6. TheNightingale

    Sure hope BE starts banning soon...

    1. So why did he feel the need to retract his defense of you when he reviewed the evidence after people called him out on it (not only recently but at the time) 2. Nobody believed the excuse that it wasn't you cheating on your account. 3. Why would anyone EVER believe a liar like you. 4. So take that CHEATER. You are scum, and there is no place in ANY online game for liars and cheats like you. Plain and simple.
  7. TheNightingale

    Sure hope BE starts banning soon...

    So you are saying Kempington DIDN'T defend Dogfish while he was blatantly using recoil reduction (and who knows what else). OKaaayyy. How many bans have you got under your belt again?
  8. TheNightingale

    Sure hope BE starts banning soon...

    Popular? Maybe he is popular with cheaters because he defends them (that is not debateable - it is a matter of public record). That said, look at your name. Did you choose that because BANNED was already taken by another rerolling cheat - is that why you have leapt to his defence? If Matt Scott knew of his track record of defending cheaters maybe he'd have thought twice before associating his company with Kempington.
  9. TheNightingale

    Sure hope BE starts banning soon...

    It has always been easy not to get banned. 1. Don't cheat 2. Don't grief 3. Don't scam It's not hard. Many of the people claiming to have been falsely banned after having been unbanned were blatantly cheating, but their unbans were on the basis of a small possibility that they may not have been cheating based on someone else being reinstated. With the mass unbanning so many blatant cheaters who had been removed for a good reason have been given a fresh chance and the game is full of them still cheating because they are still scummy people and nothing has changed in that respect. One (not naming and shaming because that person has no shame) for example was reprieved in one of these and vehemently claimed their innocence on the basis that they were unbanned - then they got caught again in the next ban wave, so now they claim that it was a manual ban just because Tiggs didn't like them. We all know that is a load of rubbish, but they will protest their innocence in the hopes that if they lie enough people might start to believe them. One scary thing is that LO have got into bed with Kempington, who was denying Dogfish was cheating in spite of the blatant evidence that was made public. So they are listening to someone who has in the past been very vocal in support of a blatant cheater which does not inspire confidence and is a great shame. It's not that they aren't trying to do the right thing, they are just perhaps listening to people that have a track record for being less than trustworthy in some respects because they don't know the history.
  10. TheNightingale

    Car Spawners should be removed

    Yep. I see your point and I agree that the poll can be 'cherry picked' in either direction to support whichever view a person happens to hold, which is why I feel that the poll has been badly constructed by the OP.
  11. TheNightingale

    Car Spawners should be removed

    By your logic , based on the intial premise that the OP laid out "Should Car Spawners be removed", the vote currently indicates 65% in favour of keeping them. You are just trying to fit the statistics to your own opinion. Yes, some of the people who want to keep them recommend changes, but the way the poll was constructed is badly skewed in favour of misinterpretation which is exactly what you have tried to do here by misrepresenting the information it has gathered. My personal view is that car spawners should maybe affect the vehicle by removing capacity from the car (-1 space for people), and only allow the vehicle owner to spawn in the drivers seat. Also, I read somewhere a suggestion that the ambulances in game should be usable as mobile spawn units, which IMO would be a great solution. This way mobile spawners are universally available and with a given amount of health. People would have to find another ambulance if they want to replace a blown spawn rather than merely spawn another vehicle.