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    Account Moving

    no not entirely you can have districts locked to pc players and locked to ps4 and districts for both PS4(financial) PC (financial) so on and so forth and have 2-3 social open for both and then you can have PS4 + PC(financial) same thing with waterfront A really good Ps4 player can play a PC player and if possible it wouldn't be a bad idea (more server population and diversity)
  2. alcholism

    Account Moving

    Getting accounts moved from Pc to Ps4 has been a debatable topic andni just want to know everyones thoughts on it.
  3. Console GM’s are needed being that almost the entire playerbase is considered “new” to some extent.
  4. alcholism


    We need another social because social has been full for the past 3 days.
  5. If you have a PS4 id be happy to teach you some things to get you started and Give you 100k and good car so you can start with your feet on the ground
  6. Most of you are just as bad as him for bringing his profile picture into the mix. He just voicing his opinion that doesnt mean its right or wrong. If you think its wrong keep it to yourself. You can avoid useless arguements where people get compared to dogs. Akito is also right about some things at first i thought the atac was extremely op but as i learned my way around the game it just became another gun. Learn the game dont change the game to make it easier for you. (im a silver)
  7. No problem just trying to clear a little confusion.
  8. Thank you I’ll change the link
  9. A lot of console players don’t know the difference between a legendary weapon and an armas weapon. A few times I’ve been in baylan and heard the legendary ATAC or legendary whisper. I have also overheard people trying to trade atacs and other armas guns.
  10. I’d also like to add that the only tradeable weapons and I mean ONLY are legendary weapons you get from the JMB The ATAC is not a legendary weapon I noticed that also when I get a chance I’m gonna search into the DB and list all the reskin weapons and if they are legendary a lot of people on console are scamming like that.
  11. alcholism


    I suggest putting Improved rifling 3 on your shotgun and then jump go marksmanship mode as you shoot (doing that helps me feel more accurate)
  12. Make sure you learn from all your losses in Apb and also try to whisper your opposition asking for tips
  13. You can put heavy barrel 3 on a tommy gun or a DMR to stun.
  14. Putting hunting sight 3 on your nhvr helps.
  15. This is for all new apb players (mostly console players) ttps://db.apbvault.net/ ^a link to all the weapon stats^ The past few months I’ve been playing I’ve noticed that a lot of players are confused on weapons and then being “OP”. A few weapons in the Armas Marketplace are reskins of weapon that are available from contacts. Example: PDW-57,OCA 626 “whisper”,CBMP-45 ‘Bolt’ are the exact same gun as the OCA 626 that is available in game from contacts. If you need any help with weapon suggestions for different play styles you can add me as a friend on APB and send me some mail I’ll reply as soon as possible (For console players)
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