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  1. PC Specs CPU: I5-6600 RAM: 16GB GPU: GTX 960 4GB MOBO: Asus H110M-D D3 OS: Win10 Home Gameplay in Fight Club (Please note some of the things here are not entirely statistical but rather a mix of my opinion on things) FPS: 40-80FPS when populated to capacity with frame cap unlocked Visuals: A lot more crisp around the map, can tell some serious effort went into the texture work around the map and I can say I'm highly impressed by the visuals so far. Gameplay review: As stated with the FPS it would occasionally drop upon going outside, I assume that's because the client has a massive load zone to cover however it becomes game breaking when someone is coming in due to the FPS advantage. I would say that should be looked at as a priority. I know fight club isn't exactly renounced for being "optimized" but so far I was thrilled to look around (and smash the opp) overall I'm greatly impressed by Little Orbit's current progress and I hope they can keep on pumping out content like this for all (or most) to enjoy. Large amounts of explosions would cause the game to freeze but it never crashed due to it Spawn Map after death would not show if user tabs out and back in again unless no game was in progress Lack of ambience actually made games more tense imo Crashes Number of crashes during total gameplay time (2 hours and 27 minutes) - 2 Possible Reason for crash NO#1 Got killed and sent to the spawn screen. The second the timer hit 0 I got sent to desktop without any hanging or softlocks. Crash Report submitted Possible Reason for crash NO#2 Was in the vehicle customization screen for an excess of 20+ minutes. Came out of it to display my car, crashed around 30 seconds later after updating vehicle appearance Verdict Obviously with it being a beta it still needs a lot more work but this beta has left me with hope and more answered questions than I thought that would get answered. I enjoyed my time with the beta and I hope to do so again in the (hopefully near) future. Keep it up folks, you're dong an exceptional job.
  2. I am looking to buy a FFA R&D III, I have upwards if 10 million APB$. Looking for current sellers. Looking to buy it for 11$mil pure cash I'm willing to part with my ursus and new glory for those looking for items. If you are to buy both of these for the R&D III I will add $4mil. Along with them, in addition I am also open for barter. Offer away and have a nice day.
  3. LTL weapons except the NL9 and the CCG (because they actually take some skill to use) Because why bother play the game when you click on someone once and they get a timeout for nearly a minute? ATAC, I don't need to explain because anyone who's played at least an hour of this game already know every reason why. HVR - Pretty much the easiest gun you'll ever use. Pair this with a friend using cqc and the other team don't stand a chance. 85 anyone from any shootable range. Pair this with a pioneer/espacio with SP3 and you'll develop a god complex in no time. But the gun I really hate the most is the PMG, That thing has crazy range for a sub machine gun, it puts the whisper and the NTEC in some instances to shame. Pretty much a goto gun when a team don't want to admit they've been bettered so they essentially throw their dignity and skill in the trash so they can paste "gg ez" in a chat no-one reads before bed time.
  4. I've seen a fair few players who I suspected a month or so ago with "godlike" aim suddenly re-emerge from the ashes today and I must say I haven't seen aim like this since I played in green back in 2013. Also a lot of players seem to have lost their trigger finger as well as I've seen a lot less OSCAR and rifle users in general since battleeye came into the mix. I must say I am Impressed at Little Orbit's work so far considering they've been around for as little as a month or so. I sense great potential in this game now but I do hope it isn't the same type of feeling I had back in the day because we all know how that story ended. I understand a lot of people aren't going to blindly trust a fresh face coming in with a crapton of promisses (because most of us saw the end of that train) but if LO keep up this level of work then I can say that they've already earned mine. Also one more thing I've noticed as well is that Battleeye blocks is what I believe to be the voip client that runs in game, now I can't tell people how good they are when they 2 tap me with an FBW and Quickswitch me with a HVR. Also please fix quickswitching. This isn't call of duty (though it might as well be) Also in regards to district chat (even though 75% of the playerbase has it disabled) are their any plans for possibly stricter enforcment. I've seen a fair few newer players pop into silver districts only to get abused by veteran players because they can't kill mr OBIR with their STAR at 60M+. It's seriously annoying to see considering we're getting a regular influx of new players at last only for them to be turned down by a bunch of sweaty tryhards. One more thing as well is that I would suggest disabling whispers for the enemy team while in a mission as I've been in plenty of games where most of my team just stand around rage messaging the guy who just killed him because his macro program crashed. This would hopefully tone down some of the toxcity that this game has unfortunatley been well known for. This also keeps potential new or exsisting players/customers from taking an interest to the game. I'm not going to go into detail about weapon balencing just yet but you can bet your patootie their's going to be at least an essay on why the HVR has made me go onto amazon for new mice multiple times. Anyways best of luck LO, you're doing a great job so far! Keep it up.
  5. More leboyce instruments please. The Silvers are running out of theme ideas.
  6. It's no godsend (well in this game's current state it is) but it gets the job done.
  7. Paying 30-70k based on quality. Post images if you can. And yes, I know.
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