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  1. I'm getting Need for Speed Underground 1 and 2 vibes here XD
  2. that looks more like a point light that needs adjustments. they did say lighting was not final.
  3. Wouldn't it have been very obvious since the engine update is not live the lighting enhancements themselves would not be finished.
  4. In all honesty. I'm more curious on how they plan to improve account customization. character models, vehicles, decals, weapons, and maybe housing if possible,
  5. What source did you get that information from. I had a similar thing but it turned out to be false.
  6. It has been tested. the sad thing is its mainly only able to be tested by the members of SPCT. while I understand the wait it is a valuable thing to have a certain group to test instead of the entire apb community, which in some cases can be the most disastrous thing to do.
  7. Yeah. it feels kind of dumb to shoot the windows and not seeing any physical damage let alone, if a player is sitting in the car a certain hitbox is blocking me from shooting making it a glorified bullet sponge. it just doesn't FEEL right honestly.
  8. New/improved map gameplay, better ways for customization, better weapon mechanics/aesthetics and vehicle controls, more stable game optimizations, multi render engine running in X64, better visuals, higher resolution scale, Maybe"dedicated servers" A lot can happen over time and just possible. ue5 is released in the process
  9. If you dont like the look change it. I'm gonna have to get back to @MattScott on that though. far as I know "currently using reshade on APB is fine to use"
  10. Great to actually see some actual improvements not to mention and actual comparison to new vs old engine. Shame there was not one with the new multi render engine. but its still good to see progress. Overall thing I dont like is just the lighting seems to be a bit off. mostly when the you compare to the actual levels to the games assets they look either to bright or a light shinier then normal. I dont know if it's just the limitation to the engine but it looks very odd compared to the rest of the map.
  11. You could just run ninja ripper without removing anything at all actually. Got Reshade to work with EAC still installed, it worked fine. since ninja ripper and Reshade are both injector programs, it would seem to have one or the other work as well. Nvm. since the latest patch it has been blocked again l:1
  12. There's nothing wrong here. while advanced launcher is a thing, certain pcs wont even be able to get a decent frame rate without it. @MattScott Even stated advanced launcher may not even be needed anymore because upon the new engine release we will have the ability to change about the same amount in the in-game settings anyway possibly more. All @CookiePuss is stating is that there has been a substantial update to the improve optimization of the game whether its from base game settings or ini's something has been happening.
  13. Bummer. was looking forward to being able to try the new game mode and see the new content in joker distribution. maybe next time.
  14. In the same boat. Thank Lawd its just an animation class and a math project
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