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  1. 2-6 months? that's cutting it real close to a quick response call. I'd say 2-3 years at best. but whose to say, they have improved over time and might actually take less then a year :3 @cookyPuss is right though. just get some video footage and send the files to support, its all we can really do right now since they got their hands full on other things. however the person keeps griefing other players, the higher chance the team will have to take action to stop them, be it a suspension or a ban, its all up to them.
  2. Love to get that Cbt title back but, Not sure if the account is even working anymore :<
  3. Hopefully in the future they can add proper reload animations on the characters and weapons. I'll try and post something soon.
  4. you dont need to go and harass someone of their personal opinion. everyone's got their own. this community is salty enough already. it would be better to just state your opinion and leave it at that.
  5. How is this considered a cheat? There are multiple things this one screen can be. It would be more helpful in you told us how exactly this is considered a cheat in your case to avoid repeating questions.
  6. That's even older then the one we are joking about. I cant even call that the same thing since there have been so many changes since then.
  7. Not all the performance breaks no. I'm only answering your question on machines that are low end based, I was merely using a game which had the same engine version at the time of release. I understand why my answer is a little skeptical since APB is a different beast entirely and, It would be nicer to hear an answer from SPCT.
  8. If you can run Ut3 on an Amd A8 mobile cpu with only 8gb of ram with only a 512mb dedicated card at 72fps at 16x9 on max settings. you should be fine on minimum
  9. Id prefer to see some screenshots to see actual progress but it can and might lead to disappointment so i can see why we wont get any. its the long run that will lead to something great
  10. I feel like a few people here who are convinced that there are so many cheaters in this game are in the mindset of they are the best and now one is above them. "Thats not true at all" Its a f2p shooter, your either gonna get the occasional player who just wants to have fun and mess around or, you got the competitive side of apb rammed down your throat. Just because someone has a higher skill level then you doesn't make them a cheater at all. You have to consider in a fight that theres always a way for improvement. There maybe cheater here and there but, It doesnt give you the right to just go and call them a cheater without proof, if you believe someone is cheating report and be done with it and dont get to attached to it. As for the OSCAR tips IR3, RS3, Tagger. learning the firing speed is the best thing you can do to improve your skill and knowing when to push especially when you have a slight range advantage compared to the STAC-10 or the Joker-carbine.
  11. What??? I didnt get the skin upon completion. must have had something to do with the server update since, I got it right before the game was patched. Rip :<
  12. Vehicles already have a different amount of health. the majority of players either use 4x4 vegas or a heavy vehicle "espacio, nulander, even the 4x4 dolton fresno but, its quite rare to obtain." becuase of the difference in health. adding sp3 and hbf on top just makes the heavies more of a cruch to deal with since its superior for cover and takes way more punishment. there are times where people place exp3 and car-bomb but, I digress the only thing I can say is the timer could be larger since every time you re-spawn the vehicle it resets the timer making it spammable. adding like a cooldown of 2m makes it feel more balanced since other skills have that as well making more of strategy instead of running wild abusing it.
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