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  1. ive tried the things i know like ip reset repairing the game and stuff but it didnt worked, does someone else know other way? he recently changed his modem https://ibb.co/sq5V5wh
  2. Its not broken, RT can be in the bottom floor and detect players in 2d or 3rd floor
  3. awesome post, its the same with the revolver, rigth? i love playing with it its alot of fun
  4. ive already replied but as we were contesting this wanted to make miself clear
  5. the thing is that when u call it PvE u need to have certain danger from the environment and there's not at all.
  6. well yeah if u plan to ever buy it, dont waste it, but mostly when u feel love for a gun it only last for some days haha and there is like 4 atacs.
  7. ive heard this before, the excuse of theme stealing?
  8. i think i've never bought anything if there is not a sale, and i've spent a lot of G1 so i get why u r asking this, but remember they are working on a lot of stuff that G1 abandoned. that depends on how YOU enjoy the game.
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