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  1. Vincci

    Dear Little Orbit

    intresting post
  2. Vincci

    Support Tickets

    i have the same issue but what can we do? besides keeping on wasting my money on apb hahah thanks Selali im not mad about waiting but know i now i will get answered some day
  3. This last patch also included a significant BattlEye update. We don’t advertise anti-cheat improvements. thanks matt
  4. Vincci

    Response Time on Tickets

    thats my point should i wait for a response or just die waiting
  5. i got the sarcasm but "realistic" takes 6 7.62 bullets to kill some one
  6. i have no internet so my brain is having a brake for a while
  7. its a free game, the funy part is that people need to be good at a game to feel they are someone, its kinda lame to actually see closet cheaters pretending they are good. but yeah its apb if u say someone cheats means u r bad..
  8. Well yeah, people think codding is that easy haha
  9. i dont want to sound rude, but people leave cus of shitty changes, like getting a broken patootie gun, things like cheaters, laggy servers and other stuff, but i still have faith in LO The real problem he have, is that the only players we have are toxic as fuck or they are closet cheaters, till u fixed that nothing else will help apb pop.
  10. Vincci

    Response Time on Tickets

    well they answered one of them in 16 days and i replied to it and waiting again another 16 days
  11. awesome content guys, keep it up!
  12. Vincci

    Response Time on Tickets

    who can judge right 70k in 90 days..