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  1. Vincci

    3 Day Bans

    HWID problem solved.
  2. well thats my point, most of the times u get killed by a car det is on the streets or a parking besides that u should be fine and its pretty easy to evade
  3. i havent read all the comments, but i dont think they have permitions to ban players.
  4. im not a big fan of car det, but im gona desagree on that one i find it anoying yeah, but easy to evade remember a seyio or a pioneer cannot fit in every place and if u have one u can just get in and evade the damage, but besides that i love those ideas Sorry for the crappy english yeah cameras, creme de la crime, destroy objectives are some old stuff they never even bother about. PS: love u Shini
  5. Vincci

    Response Time on Tickets

    3 months and still, my ticket has not been solved, 2 or 3 answers yeah but im stuck in the same place, im kinda giving up on them.
  6. Vincci

    2D Artists Thread

    i hope u guys like it
  7. i think this is the best option 1 character for both sv, and + the social comunity is gonna grow alot.
  8. Vincci

    2D Artists Thread

    wow i loved this one! awesome.
  9. Vincci

    Dear Little Orbit

    intresting post
  10. Vincci

    Support Tickets

    i have the same issue but what can we do? besides keeping on wasting my money on apb hahah thanks Selali im not mad about waiting but know i now i will get answered some day
  11. This last patch also included a significant BattlEye update. We don’t advertise anti-cheat improvements. thanks matt
  12. Vincci

    Response Time on Tickets

    thats my point should i wait for a response or just die waiting
  13. i got the sarcasm but "realistic" takes 6 7.62 bullets to kill some one
  14. i have no internet so my brain is having a brake for a while