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  1. Everyones just gonna watch the streamer with the most views anyway.
  2. Kaori1

    Crashing on Spawn

    I'm having this issue too, nothing I do seems to work. rtx 2080 ti as well.
  3. Would be nice if they got some love or were at least put on the armas store so that I could get permanent copies. But lets be honest, crims would lose their god damn minds if the devs so much as looked at an LTL weapon.
  4. I'm fine with you guys messing with the ammo/grenade resupply but please reconsider taking away our ability to swap weapons every 5m with the orange ammo box deployable skill (at least for the one using it). As an LTL user I need to be able to switch my weapons whenever the mission changes to an area less favorable to LTL gameplay (such as wide open areas made for snipers or during car-related missions).
  5. As someone who has spent an absurd amount of money on this game I just want to say that I have no problems with LO messing with armas gun balance, so long as it is in the best interest of the game's overall balance and well being. That being said however, our opinions don't really matter. Just because you buy some pixles from an in game store does NOT mean you own those pixles or have any say in what happens to them later down the line.
  6. I'm still not sure where all this hostility is coming from but if doing so will keep you out of a thread then I'll be sure to do that next time.
  7. I'm sorry but I've never claimed to have one. My only intention here was to show the people who do not play on these servers why new players might quit this game before they've really given it a chance. Think of all the people who could be playing right now if they did not run into these kind of players for their first few games. People say APB is dying, this is one of the major contributing factors for this (though not the only one). I'm not sure I understand what you're getting at. Are you saying map awareness/knowledge, game mechanics, gun strengths/weaknesses, car/weapon/modification unlocks and knowledge of common player tactics offers these individuals with 0 advantage over a fresh player who has never played APB before? I am sorry but anyone who has 1,000 hours played in any game will defiantly be on an entirely different level than that of a new player.
  8. My point was that a 255 has at least ~1,000 hours or more experience in playing the game than a fresh player. These two individuals should never be matched with each other.
  9. If you don't know what to say, then why are you still posting? Reflect on our discussion and come back when you're ready to actually contribute something.
  10. You act as if I regularly play in bronze districts, which I do not. Out of the two of them, Cookie was the only one to make any valid points but only after I twisted his arm. This is not an argument.
  11. They would not have needed backup had the matchmaking not been so flawed and put them against two people who have unlocked everything in the game.
  12. They are proof of how flawed the matchmaking system is though. Before I was called in to that match for backup, a rank 9 and a trainee were going against two rank 255s.
  13. I never said that those images were proof of anyone breaking the rules.
  14. Point taken, waiting to see what LO does next is defiantly the smart move. That being said though, I do not think that ignoring this situation helps anyone either. It doesn't hurt anyone to listen to people's thoughts on these matters and who knows, maybe someone out there has some good ideas that LO has yet to think of yet (its a long shot but still one worth taking). Lastly, since I could not have been gold at the time of entering that server and because I do not dethreat, I had every right to be in that district in accordance with the game's rules. Furthermore, if I had intentionally dethreated before taking such screenshots then that would have been deceptive. People deserve to see how things really are, even at the cost of my own "public image" on these forums.
  15. So you finally admit that there is a problem then? Great, now as someone who has been very active in this game and its community since at least 2017, what is your honest opinion on the situation and how should we go about dealing with it? Those screenshots I took were just the tip of the iceberg and I could not have taken them if I was playing on a silver district. The people who don't play on those districts need to know how bad things are for new players.
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