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  1. the sawn off secondary that's been in the files for forever... oh yes
  2. LTL solo when the rest of the group is playing lethal is silly, yes, but groups who run LTL or 1vs1 with ltl is the same as lethal vs lethal.. LTL has longer time to stun than meta weapons have ttk (besides the PIG which is high risk), but they make up for that with ease of use. I'm not saying I want weapons that are better than normal weapons, or that I think that LTL weapons are better somehow. I'm just saying I'd like an exclusive way or set of weapons to use as a criminal in the primary part of the game like enforcers have LTL. I don't care if that means enforcers get some sort of way to make money on the side like hacking or ramraiding or even get lethal weapons like we would end up getting.. I know that's asking for a lot in the way of the company doing stuff, but it's not a lot to anyone else.. it only brings more to the game for both sides
  3. Well, this debate was very informative. I'm gonna quit while I'm ahead and before you start trying to throw names around like a child. my opinion remains-give enforcers a minigame to earn money and give crims a crim-only option to bring into missions and fightclub. Would love to see a high risk weapon like a sawn-off to equal the PIG
  4. There it is lol. There's that terrible excuse. I think we should just not nerf or buff anymore weapons then. Everyone can switch to using n-tec, HVR, and OCAs. Because it's easier
  5. did you even read what you quoted then? lol It is simple, and no one is crying for anything. I even put an example of what enforcers could get to make money on the side, but ramraiding isn't even comparable to LTL weapons and arresting
  6. I've never made decent money ramraiding lol, it's not worth it to even do compared to just playing the game or going to fightclub imo.. It's really not about money or points though for me The main thing is that enforcers get a whole new way to play the actual game on top of being able to witness. I'm not about making crims better than enforcers, but more like giving both equal options. Enforcers should have a hacking minigame or something where crim could "log in" to another console and it starts a mission with a usb or something and crims can get a couple crim-only lethal weapons (that aren't op, but equal to that of the way LTL weapons work) that they can only unlock by using them more like you would unlock more LTL.
  7. it's funny that this is the only thing that enforcers bring up against crims getting their own weapons. Enforcers get something to bring into the game as a whole new way to play that trolls, gets you double the points, creates traps for crims, and forces them to be out of the mission longer. You also are able to witness any criminal with more than 2500 and able to take anything they worked for. But you're right, we do have ramraiding which gets us money at a fraction of the speed just playing the game would. It's too bad we can't get double the points to get double the money from missions as well. To make it simple, yes, I do believe that enforcers should have have a "minigame" to be able to make money outside of missions and crims should have a way to steal it as well as having their own weapons. There are too many threads not to link here to see where this silly argument always ends. It ends with "as long as enforcers get something, it's fine" and that's fine with most people
  8. This is a stat based game, not an e-sports game with the best hit reg and where you have to hit a headshot to do full damage. The HVR could honestly just drop out of APB as long as the scout stays and it'd be fine. I say either nerf the damage to 750 or make the modifiers for switching and refiring it extremely unforgiving. The Strife is in the same boat, but you can't kill from any range with the strife and if you mess up with the strife, anything will kill you. The HVR should be the same.
  9. I want to be able to make my symbols larger or smaller with them optimizing to the new size and not turning into a pixel, blurry mess on my car lol.. Also, crim-only weapons.
  10. yeah, I think I've probably spent almost 2,000 usd if not more.. I feel like people who invested into their accounts shouldn't feel like they were ripped off by supporting the game before the new owners.. in time, no matter how much people have spent, there will be more to buy..
  11. ARMAS pricing is super outdated. No one is paying these insane prices for permanent guns in f2p games anymore.. usually you pay about 10-15 usd for a permanent weapon and like 60 usd for something that might only be obtainable from lootboxes otherwise. Back in 2010-2013 people played more because games like combat arms and apb were making up the standard. Now people are smart and have realized not everyone can afford a 50 usd gun, but people might throw down 10 usd for a gun and the people who would have dropped 50 usd still do, but get more
  12. Maybe I need to re-word the original post lol.. I'm not talking about Premium play and what premium does. I'm talking about premium currency as in G1C.. I'll edit it lol
  13. Well, that's true.. but the list of things that are fair are drastically outweighed by the things that are unfairly priced.. How would raising the amount of currency you get from supporting the game further the fake p2w image? It wouldn't change anything except for lower all pricing.. If anything, I'd see higher prices on weapons more p2w because a free player could use the excuse that a paid player had to use $60 to get ahead of someone else.. If they lower the cost of everything, it's going to do the exact same thing, but it's going to be more difficult and take more time to do so in the long run.
  14. Instead of going through and changing the ungodly prices in ARMAs marketplace, why not just make it to where when we buy G1c, we get more "bang for our buck"? So instead of getting 816 G1c for 10 usd, we'd end up getting more.. maybe even triple it, and it'd still be around modern prices. So 10usd=~2400 G1c Seems like it would be a lot easier, and it'd be easier to go about giving people who have already spent amounts of money something back (they'd get the difference) And as people are saying, some things in the market place are more fair than others, but the unfair prices drastically drown out the fair prices
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