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  1. I would really like the new report system to support reporting for things other than cheating. One thing that's been frustrating lately is I've been in a few games with obvious dethreaters who TK when they're leader and kick anyone who kills them back. Having a way to alert a GM to take a look at them would be greatly appreciated.
  2. People using their own crosshairs is not exactly something that they can prevent, unfortunately. You don't even need a third party program to do it, I remember going to CS 1.6 LAN parties where someone would always have a Sharpie dot or something on their monitor.
  3. I try to use a lot of different weapons, to keep things fresh, but I keep coming back to the N-TEC/CR-5 as my default weapon. I swear most of my opposition severely underestimates the effective range of a bump fired N-TEC.
  4. I didn't see the title before he edited it, but I think the word he's looking for would be incentivize.
  5. Why do people with no ability to create an 'official' thread keep insisting on titling their posts as such?
  6. Seems to be coming back up now, but I'm getting some teleporting in district.
  7. Been lagging periodically, just kicked my team off and none of us can get past character select now.
  8. There's a lot of situational and environmental clues in APB that can help put you in the right direction if you pay attention. Everything you mentioned plus stuff like noticing when pedestrians start running, watching for boxes and crap that people kick around corners while peeking, listening for the environmental sounds (dogs barking in some areas for instance) that are on a trigger, the radar, and a myriad of other stuff I can't think of right now. Oh, and luck.
  9. Sent! I also took a look in that huge logfile from last week, and it's mostly comprised of three different types of events repeated with slightly different values. Mostly garbage about vehicle collisions and some other general debug level stuff.
  10. Would it be alright if I compressed it? A lot of business email servers tend to not allow compressed files in my experience. My Current.log is 26MB, too large to send as-is. Side note, how the heck does APB use so much space for its logfiles? I have one single logfile from a week ago that's 1.5GB, and most the rest are over 100mb. Never noticed that until now.
  11. I find that siren ear-piercingly loud also compared with the background sounds of the game. The audio blasting from less considerate players' cars can be exceedingly loud also. Most people seem to keep it to a reasonable level, but some just about deafen me when they drive past. Wow, I feel like I'm sounding really old now. The difference between the loud and soft noises is too much. I think this could be pretty nicely fixed with more audio settings - volume sliders for music, system sounds, etc.
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