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  1. As for expressing your opinions and such, it is a public test and your opinion on things as well as discussions are certainly expected and welcome. As for what Lixil mentioned about server instability; we are incorporating a large new part of the game, it would be absolutely absurd to believe everything will simply run flawlessly at the first try, therefore we upfront are ready to tackle the issues that we expect may arise. We are looking to bring you a new mode experience without a headache and it is basically what stress test is for. We are testing the limits.
  2. Hello everyone, We hope you are ready to join us! We will initiate the stress test in 15 minutes. Once again, we are asking you all not to stream the testing phase. Regards, Ritual
  3. Hello everyone, As @Amayii already said, the issue has been resolved and things are up and running again. We apologize for the longer than usual maintenance time today. The developers were alerted immediately after and made sure everything is back on and in order. Thank you for your patience. Kind regards, Ritual
  4. Hello everyone, Due to some significant network issues, we are executing an unscheduled restart of the game. We apologize for the inconvenience. We will be back up and running in no time! Thank you for your understanding. Ritual
  5. Hello everyone, We are preparing the results of the interview round for the candidates that participated. Considering only a small portion of applied candidates got to this stage, we will be looking into the applications that arrived a day or two late. This however does NOT mean you are to send your applications now. Unless you are in this "Couple of days late" group, your application will not be considered this round and you will have to send it again when the applications are opened. Thank you for your understanding, Ritual
  6. Thank you everyone for submitting your applications! We will now be closing this round of applying and proceed to pick the candidates
  7. Just heads up to all of you interested to apply. We will be accepting your applications for the forum mod position until this weekend, after which we will take a few days to determine who we will contact for the next step Regards, Ritual
  8. Hello a Pair of Socks, Unfortunately no, we were not kidding, and it required some time to fix the issue. The issue should be resolved now and you should be able to resume the game. I will go ahead and lock the thread as the issue is resolved. Regards, Ritual
  9. Hello again everyone, This is supposed to be an application opening and closing announcement thread, and not the discussion thread. Explanations of the process were given, and I believe the wider purpose of this thread has been fulfilled. I am looking to keep it clean rather than having announcements buried within the discussion. It will be unlocked again once the applications are re-opened. Meanwhile, any issues are welcome to be discussed in some other threads. Regards, Ritual
  10. Hello everyone, Not only have this thread turned completely distasteful, but it is also ridiculously derailed. If the user in question is reported properly, the support will get to it. Even though no names were mentioned, this turned into a sensitive and heated discussion over something that holds no grounds in facts, and is too easily used as an excuse to identify a faulty player with something more than themselves. With that in mind, I will go ahead and lock this thread and ask you to please pay attention to these things in the future. Regards, Ritual
  11. Not only the NDA, but also the fact that we unfortunately cannot count on the entire community to be objective of person's ability to keep the position even if privately they are having a beef with said person. We cannot allow any of GMs to suffer their positive or negative image with some people in the community, which would absolutely ruin their own objective approach to their duties. Abuse of powers by treating someone unfairly better because they are a friend, as well as carrying a stigma over something they allegedly did is both counterproductive, and even though we gave it a go, it did not give us the results we looked for. Therefore, unfortunately no. We will not be publishing the identities of the users we've chosen.
  12. Hello everyone, Anyone interested into helping us maintain and clean the forums with our team of moderators, can now apply for the position to Lixil or me. We are looking forward to have more people involved into our forum activities! This is a completely voluntary position, although we do have to be able to rely on you to follow the pace of your position. Simple things to keep in mind before your apply: - We will not accept people that were previously moderated due to one of more serious violations of our forum rules, or those that have too many lesser warnings. - Being a moderator is not an easy task, and if you are quick to judge subjectively or you are temperamental, we advise you not to apply. - You will be expected to follow directions and be in constant communication with the rest of the team. - You are required to have a proficient knowledge of English language. - You are also required to have a certain level of professionalism and a healthy limit of engagement while resolving issues. Application process is fairly simple and straight forward. You will simply send a PM to Lixil or me and include the following: - Reason for application, - Previous experience, - Expectations from the position, - Timezone, - Availability - Any additional details you may find important. Looking forward to hearing from you all! Regards, Ritual
  13. I truly had the best intention to respect the asked question in this thread and letting it remain up, but since even after a fair warning it keeps being a place of random discussion of who should be blocked and who shouldn't, I will be locking it. I will be notifying my colleagues about the blocking issue to hopefully find out what is behind it. Regards, Ritual
  14. Alright well, regarding the choice of GMs for Fallen Earth, we've elected people that we deemed the best from the group we had applying for the position. I am not going to discuss the past issues some of them may have had in the game, since the background of those was as well thoroughly investigated before we decided to give them a go. If you have any direct evidence and information about any of our active GMs abusing their power in any way, feel free to PM me with evidence and complaint, and I will certainly make sure to fix the issue if said issue is present. I also cannot speak of will something happen or not as we do not jump to conclusions regarding such potential scenarios. That being said, we are more than ready to deal with the problem when (and if) it arises. So again, if there are any evidence of foul behavior inside the current team, feel free to present them to me in private. The team of volunteers working with us on Fallen Earth has nothing to do with those working on APB as they are two different team with two different handlers. As I previously stated, GMs are contacted and are reporting through the official channels.
  15. Hello Yood, We are sorry if you got an impression of being treated unfairly through moderator's actions involving your content. As I stated several times before to several users having the same issue, bringing the issue up on the forums is not the best way to handle the problem. If you have any complaints regarding moderators' decisions, you are welcome to contact Lixil or me in order to address the issue directly. The rest of the community knows just as much as you do. I appreciate your understanding regarding this request. Regarding your question about active moderators around here. We have several. That being said, neither of them have a particular number of actions they do per day and some are more active than the others depending on their current availability. Being constantly warned by one moderator is not you being chased around and checked, but the matter of that moderator being first at the scene. Regards, Ritual
  16. Very much aware of the importance Hazmat had for FE and yes, GM are to be around as often as possible, and as we add more people to our team, their presence should be obvious even more often.
  17. Hello everyone, Since we've been getting a lot of questions about the state of Hazmat team after Little Orbit took over, and I've noticed there is no official notification on this matter here on forums so here it is. Long story short: no. Hazmat team is no longer operational. GM team took over former Hazmat's job in an addition to some other assignments. This was done way before, but apparently clan's appearance and name still confused players in game. We have resolved this by reducing the said clan to a standard clan and changed its name in order to avoid future confusion. @Lukasocz remains the head of the clan and for any information on the clan itself, please do refer to Luka. Regards, Ritual
  18. Hello and thank you for your questions, Mutare, 1. GMs are taking up former Hazmat obligation with an addition of the ability to affect the in-game activity to a certain extend we deemed needed and fair in order to enforce rules and regulate gameplay in a way that will hopefully ensure a fair-play and carefree environment for everyone. 2. Yes, we are aiming for GMs to be constantly present in game. We are building our team slowly but steadily, and based on future needs, we will be adding more people to this team. We are making sure we deem each person capable being a GM before we move on and add more people. 3.This is a volunteer position and because of that, we are making sure none of our volunteers are carrying more than they can handle. 5. I cannot talk about details as the confidentiality of my position is not allowing me to do so (and before any might try, GMs are not allowed to respond to these either), but I can say that we are having a GM team that is in constant communication with each other and Community Managers to make sure issues are handled fairly and as fast as possible. Guidelines are the same for each and every GM we have, and they are expected to act accordingly. There is no need to have a bunch of GMs discussing the issue in-game. It is not practical and it delays the resolution of the issue. Nevertheless, we are familiar with their actions and the issues they faces so no, neither of them is really handling any issue completely alone. I hope you find these answers satisfying. Regards, Ritual
  19. Unfortunately yes. This will certainly be one of the advantages when the GM applications are opened up again.
  20. Hello Machette, As previously stated, although APB:R is indeed a game with mature content and such presentations are allowed to be portrayed within the game itself, the forum area is PG13. Since it is not a specialized site on its own, but merely one of the G1 forums sharing the same place with others, we cannot allow said content. Every part of this site follows the same list of rules. That being said, I do agree giving you a heads up about the issue should have taken place. However, it also highlights the importance of familiarizing yourself with the forum rules before posting something that might not be appropriate. For further notice, in order to avoid similar edits to your posts, I do suggest censoring problematic parts of your work before posting them. Simple black area or something will do just fine. Regards, Ritual
  21. Hello everyone, We have resolved the issue at hand. Thank you all for bringing it up to our attention. To clarify, there is certainly a constant presence of GMs on Jericho as well. Maps are large and it is virtually impossible for a single person, or even a few people, to manage to note every single issue on every map in every district. We appreciate your help in this case as well. I will now conclude and lock this thread. Hope you are all having a good day! Regards, Ritual
  22. Oh boy, where to start? Alright well, first of all I want to say that we appreciate both your support and your critics, and I definitely understand where you are coming from. Not to make this a kilometer long response, I will just address those two big concerns you may have regarding this volunteering project: choice of candidates and policies. 1) When it comes to the choice of candidates, this application call was open for everyone, and we mean EVERYONE. It was specifically stated that both those with experience and those without as much experience can apply. This was stated, because we believe handling tools and learning how to enforce the rules give is something that can be learned. Handling this position mentally and remaining calm and objective is something we believe is a better base to start on. Now, this is not to be mistaken with our candidates not knowing anything about the game. I'd say all of those that applied have a significant amount of experience when it comes to the gameplay. This was referring to their previous experience on similar positions. Unfortunately, having a limited number of GM positions available, we have to narrow our choices down to those we think are the best options to carry out the GM duties as of NOW. This does not mean those chosen are to be cemented to that place. Their performance will be monitored, and they can always be replaced with another suitable candidate if they do not fulfill the expectations. That being said, those not chosen in this round, are absolutely free to apply in the next as well. Applying is also an experience to be gained. 2) Regarding the policies revolving around the issue of "toxicity". Toxicity is a broad term and often loosely used. We cannot define something that is quite often different from one case to the other, and thus we simply deal with it when it comes. That being said, toxicity is also treated with thought, as it does not directly jeopardize the user, but is simply annoying. It is not encouraged or ignored. It is simply handled gradually rather than cut right in.
  23. Hey guys, Thank you everyone who sent your applications up until now. We will be closing down application process for now as we look over all of those we received and decide on people that will be joining us. If you are not selected in this round, however, as we grow our team in size, you are welcome to re-apply in the next round . We will see to notify you all about the results in the next few days. Regards. P.S. @Dracio Although I cannot speak of it in details yes, GMs will have the ability to maintain a proper in-game communication among other things.
  24. Thank your interest, Since I am being asked about it a lot, I am just here to tell you all that we are actively looking into your applications and doing some consultations before we decide. We will let you know who we are interested in as soon as possible. Hopefully by the end of this week, depending on the schedule
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