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  1. Hello everyone, Please do your best to keep the thread on its track. Thank you. Regards.
  2. Ritual


    Thread moved to the APB:R Bug Report section.
  3. Oh that sounds awesome :D. If you are interested and got time for it all, I highly encourage you to apply.
  4. And we love you Unfortunately, we do require a certain proficiency level in English in order to achieve a good communication between our team and the players. However, I thank you very much for your interest and support!
  5. @miketam ._. Am sad now ._.
  6. Hello everyone, I would like to take a bit of your time to announce that we are looking for more of the responsible, knowledgeable people that would like to help us out as the new members of our GM FE team. If you are a team player and are interested in helping us out in our team of volunteers, do reach out to us by sending us a simple application that will contain the following: - Game you're applying for: (Specify that it is FE, since we are getting the same application forms for the APB:R) - All of your accounts: (Emails registered) - Characters: (Names registered) - Reason for interest: (Why would you like to cooperate with us) - Why do you think you're suited for this position: (Tell us your strengths and what is it that you can bring in for the team) - How long have you been playing this game: (At the very least approximately the length of your involvement with this game) - If you have any previous experience in similar projects: (Whether you were previously a part of helpers team or a GM regardless on FE or not) - Your timezone: (We would like to have our GMs well spread out and available as often as possible. Knowing your timezone will help us set you up with the most ideal time) - Have you ever been banned from the game and the reason behind it: (We know this can be a bit awkward, but we need you to be honest with us) - Additional information: (Anything else you would like to add that might be of interest) Do not be afraid to reach out or give it a shot even if you do not have previous helping/GM experience, or you have any doubts we would consider you due to other things. Plenty of things can be learned along the way, and we are looking forward to help you out just as much as you would be helping us. We are looking forward to hearing from you. You may send your applications via PMs on the forums to me or Lixil, and we will see to get to them as soon as possible! Thank you all for your attention and have a nice day! Regards, Ritual
  7. Thank you for your patience. The login issues should now be fixed.
  8. Hello everyone, We have noticed a certain issues regarding the login into the game. We are looking into this, and Fallen Earth will be back up and running as soon as possible. We apologize for the inconvenience and we appreciate your patience. Regards, Ritual
  9. Several posts removed due to unnecessary banter. Please keep it civil and stick to the topic guys. Regards.
  10. (Thread moved to the APB forum)
  11. Hello miketam, Thank you for mentioning this issue. I have contacted my colleagues regarding it, and I have been told this issue is being looked into. Please be patient, we will see to repair this as soon as possible. Regards.
  12. Hello there, Thank you for giving us heads up about this issue. I have notified my colleagues about this and I have been told they are looking into this. Hopefully this will be resolved soon. Please be patient! Regards.
  13. (Thread moved to the 'General Discussion' section of the APB Forum)
  14. Hello everyone, We are happy to announce our long awaited Halloween event of the 2018. Starting tomorrow, 30th of October, and during the following two weeks, you will be able to take part in two different events: 1. "Devoured!" This event mission will require you to fight off the hordes of invading insects and possibly the Skittering Broodmother to collect their parts for rewards. 2. "Days of the Dead" The dead have risen and are infecting the country side. Help the locals stop the threat! Make sure you visit your level appropriate NPC in order to get your mission started. Matt has posted more details here: Happy hunting!
  15. Hello everyone, And thank you for your art submissions for this first round. We shall be announcing the names of those we chose to be featured on Facebook and Twitter soon, placing it on this post. As of now, you are free to post your art for the following week. Looking forward to see it! Also, we are reminding you once more that you art has to be original, and you are allowed ONE entry per week, and only those will be taken into consideration. Good luck. P.S. Please refrain from posting anything but your original art following the rules, and avoid derailing the thread. In order to keep it clean and easy to browse through for us, we shall be removing everything other than what this thread is made for. Thank you for your understanding. The winners for this week are: Marru, Nekrova and LightEroz, Citadel! Thank you!
  16. Public areas of forums are no place for this. If you have issues with moderator's decision, refer to the CM. If they confirm the decision was legitimate, then it is final. Please do resolve this matter aside. Regards.
  17. Antagonizing posts were removed. Keep the discussion civilized, please.
  18. Hello everyone, In order to make sure you are aware of this announcement, even though it is originally posted in the G1 section of the forums, I am making a reminder for the scheduled downtime on the forums on Tuesday 10/09/2018, at 3PM PT in order to apply an update. The downtime is expected to last for approximately two hours. Thank you for your understanding. Regards.
  19. Thank you all for the participation and pointing out the issue. I will be locking this thread now as it exceeds its limits. As stated, the problem is being looked into. Regards.
  20. Hello everyone, And thank you for bringing up this important issue. We've acknowledged concerns that this thread and those alike do not get enough attention and we appreciate the feedback. This issue had certainly received needed attention from our team and they are working hard on it. While in progress, we cannot tell you much however, and so we are avoiding publicly placing any information that isn't final. Thank you for your understanding.
  21. Hello there, We are sorry for the inconvenience. The issue had been looked into as soon as we were informed and the issue should be fixed. Let us know if it persists. Regards.
  22. Ritual

    Fightclub not starting

    Hello everyone, We are sorry for the inconvenience. The issue had been looked into, and it should be working as intended now. Please do inform us if any other issue occurs. Regards.
  23. (Thread moved to the Player Groups section.)
  24. Hello everyone, In light of Fallen Earth’s 9th birthday incoming on September 22nd, we are happy to share with you a small sign of gratitude and appreciation for being a valuable part of this game. The Fallen Earth Celebration starts on the 21st of September at 12pm PDT and runs until 12pm PDT on the 1st of October. During the event all of our players will get 30% off in our Fallen Earth store at https://www.gamersfirst.com/marketplace/ingame/home.php?gameID=21. Additionally, all of you that log in during the Fallen Earth Celebration will get our Commander Premium for free! That’s 10 days of extra bonuses and fun! Don’t miss out.
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