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  1. Isn't Ritual making the point that abuse should be called out, but to the supervising staff directly instead of some random public forum thread? Or am I missing something else here? Thank you Nite, that is very much the point of the whole thing. We absolutely encourage reports of such behavior, but in a proper way.
  2. Absolutely. But if you recall, Lixil herself already removed few members of her team that were truly found to be even remotely abusing their powers as soon as such was proven without a doubt, as well as apologized for the mistake. Furthermore, we are aware of the issues some users present for the community, but in order to prevent previous misjudgements we prefer to be certain before taking any action. Pressure of the community (over perhaps wrongly interpreted or wrongly represented information) on both team and that user is not helping the cause.
  3. What I mean to say is the thread was removed, because there were names mentioned in the last post, and we simply wished to prevent further flaming in that thread. I am sorry if I was not clear enough. As for the "naming and shaming" policy; when it comes to users, it serves to prevent false accusations until claims are proven by further investigation. For our team members, it is no different. Videos of power abuse presented previously, were videos showing already proven abuse. In this case, until further investigation is done, we cannot claim something did or did not happen. Thank you for your concern, however. The OP is indeed directed to talk to Lixil directly. If anything does come out of it, I am quite certain the community will be aware of the details concerning it.
  4. Hello everyone, Regarding previously removed thread, it had been removed because it contained the information of the member of our GM team that allegedly did what was previously explained. Since you claim no names were mentioned, I would assume you do not have complete information. This matter should be resolved with our Community Manager directly, and the user with this issue has been directed that way, so we resolve it with no unnecessary complications. As said plenty of times before, you are more than welcome to discuss such issues in general, but any specific address should be taken to our support (or in this particular case, Community Manager), rather than being handled publicly. Thank you for your understanding.
  5. Thread locked due to repetitive content.. Thank you for your understanding.
  6. I will go ahead and lock this thread as it has a repetitive content. Point taken. Please make sure your future threads are constructive and generally oriented. Thank you for your understanding.
  7. Hello there! We appreciate you expressing your optimism, and we will do our best to deliver. I have locked this thread since there is no further discussion on it needed. All the best!
  8. Thread locked due to thread with the same topic already existing. Please refer to it for an answer to this question. Thank you for your understanding.
  9. Point of this thread has been accomplished (I think?), so I will go ahead and lock it.
  10. Removed few posts because of derailing. Please make sure you stick to the topic.
  11. Unfortunately, that is something that as a GM I wouldn't know as I am not familiar with your issue. But the best thing I can give is to quote the following:
  12. Apologies for perhaps my lack of judgement the first time. Thread has been locked as it offers no constructive discussion. For further information about this issue, please refer to similar threads, and official responses. Ritual
  13. Hello everyone, Please refrain from derailing the thread, and in the hostile manner. This is an official warning after which you will be penalized. Regards, Ritual
  14. Hello everyone, We apologize to you for waiting. Our support consists of people with different profiles. Therefore, certain issues are handled by different people and thus tickets are divided by their tags. Sometimes, the issue takes longer to be resolved properly, and we ask for your patience. Please do not send more than one ticket for the same issue. If there is more than one ticket, there is a good chance it will only make their job even harder by needing to merge or update the details from several tickets. You will also be at the end of the line with your newest ticket and therefore it is not much of a solution. Thank you for your understanding and I hope all of you will get your issues resolved soon enough. Regards, Ritual
  15. Hello @poAlan I am sad to hear it took so long for the issue to be resolved. I have moved your thread to the section for feedbacks and I have notified our support once more about this issue. If you have provided an official support ticket with your account's information, you should be getting a response soon. Regards, Ritual
  16. Hello @grvdient, As rules state, we do not allow bringing up issues like these on our forums. You are free to discuss an issue in general, but for any further assistance and bringing attention to certain names along with evidence, please report it to our support by creating a ticket instead. I will be locking this thread. Thank you for your understanding. Regards, Ritual
  17. Hello @BenkkuOfficial, Please make sure to take the issue to our support. You will be most likely to get a proper help there. Please open up a ticket specifying your issue, and they will get to it as soon as possible. This thread shall be locked. Thank you for your understanding. Regards, Ritual
  18. (Thread has been moved to the suggestion section for APB:R)
  19. Hello @MACKxBOLAN, And thank you for your feedback on these matters. They have been noted. I will be locking this thread as it does not seem set up for any constructive discussion. Please refer to our support for any further assistance, they will be getting to your ticket as soon as that is possible. Regards, Ritual
  20. Hello everyone, Several posts are removed again due to derailing and unnecessary argument. I ask you to please return to the topic and to leave this only at removal of said junk posts. Persisting will result in warnings and other measures as needed. Thank you for your understanding. Regards, Ritual
  21. Hello everyone, I just had to remove few posts derailing the thread. Please pay attention to the topic if you wish to participate in the discussion. Regards, Ritual
  22. Hello everyone, Thank you for your inputs in this discussion. I will now be locking this thread, as any further discussion is unnecessary and could potentially take this thread in a completely different direction. Regards, Ritual
  23. Hello @Vened, I have moved this topic to the General Discussion area of the forums due to its incompatibility with this section. If you are interested in asking this question to Little Orbit a bit more directly, please try posting your question in Furthermore, please do not post any users' in-game names following the accusations of alleged foul play. You are free to discuss the issue in general around here, but if you have evidence and information about a certain person allegedly doing these things, please feel free to report it to our support instead of announcing it here. Regards, Ritual
  24. Hello @Elvengadorfeo, I have moved this topic to the General Discussion area of our forums. If you are interested in asking this question to Little Orbit directly, do try and asking in Also, for further notice, I ask you to respect other forum members as we do not take lightly to hostile behaviour around here. Thank you for your understanding. Regards, Ritual
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