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  1. new matchmaking is on production now, so you can just log in and play, it was not possible to test it properly on OTW, thats why there few problems but not as bad as crybabies complain. We were playing group of 3 golds and wait time is usually around 10-15 minutes, had 5 missions in 2 hours, Group of 2 had very short waiting time, around 1-2 minutes. For sad jokers, maybe if you would give sime thought to how mm works, you would realize that you will get any match after certain waiting time, but removing your ready state will remove you from que and most likely reset your timer, that will result in restart of whole match searching for you.
  2. Was there any time before tactical gear available for criminals? I just saw it will be available
  3. Group of 3 full golds here... waited about 40 minutes, switched districts, waited 15 minuts, disbanded group, took separated missions, grouped up again, left after 10 minutes. Empty missions were better then no missions, at least you could level up equipment, It is too much to do right now but best would be to have empty mission and then get request to start new opposed mission. That would require stay in match que even during empty mission. That might be too much work for what it is worth.
  4. Yea i think so too, if there were some objectives to move players to specific area it could be cool, dont know about 50v50 but imagine big shoot out for 10v10 everyone behind cover or on roof, someone pushing with opgl osmaw and dump truck, basically am just imagining old trailer
  5. I am very happy to see and test new mm system since last week i was out of town, it is great to see something new and get some news. Excited to try it on larger scale when there will be full on cross district mm. I would just like to ask some questions or say some of my opinions. Does this mean that thread may not be visible in final version of new matchmaking system? I know lot of people complain that being gold is one of the reasons that people start cheating but i do not really see this as valid reason since i feel like getting to gold is quiet easy, also i like to see rank and color to know what can be expected from opponent or team mate, if he is skilled or not, you can even spot tryhard based on thread, rank and weapon of choice and equip to it accordingly. Or play more relaxed if you got matched with some new players. i understand this issue might get completely solved by new mm system and you will always try to play your best but still it helps with reading of next actions of your opponent. For example i see someone unskilled and i know i can try to get them straight on with just gunplay, on the other hand if i see some very skilled player i should first find good cover and angle to get as much advantage as possible (usually too lazy to do it like that). Will this be in final version too? Sometimes i am not even mad to do solo mission sometimes it is interesting too and you can learn map better and try random things while you are not under pressure. Same as before... will this be in final version too? Maybe it would make calling backup unnecessarily. So are teams gonna be always equal sizes in final version? And will there be larger teams than 4 as of now we can make nice and large chaotic missions.
  6. There are great army clothing suggestion so something that, also long mafia like coats and some 80-90 pimp furry coats and hats would be great and funny for outfits,
  7. I feel like cheaters are on descent, there is less players after anti-cheat updated and i feel like it is because of it. i personally saw low rank obvious cheaters that were online for 1-2 days and then gone, they had new accounts so i guess they got banned before or just testing. And also the toxicity agoinst LO might be started by cheaters. LO and Matt Field have not done anything bad to the game, just good things with 64 bit and anti-cheat.
  8. Now imagine that all the missing players are cheaters who can't play right now.
  9. That is just a bug mate, sometimes you can hear others cars sound like with NOS on but it is not.
  10. Hour ago we were playing just fine, then i noticed npc cars just standing everywhere and not moving, it looked like it crashed but MM was still working, then we switched district to and i alt-tabbed and got kicked for loading too long and could not log back in. Friends were having mission just fine but still npc cars almost stopped exist on district, it was pretty funny, you got only your own vehicle.
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